The Sentry mode installed on the Tesla will ensure that the image of the offender is left

The ' Sentry mode ', which is newly added to

Tesla Model 3 manufactured by Tesla, is a function that automatically records a movie when something happens around the car. For those who put a prank on a Tesla car, a movie with watch mode enabled is released.

Watch Tesla's 'Sentry Mode' capture two men keying a Model 3 for no reason – BGR

In February 2019, Tesla's Model 3 and Model S manufactured after 2017, Model X , added Lookout Mode. When watching mode is turned on, the Tesla car keeps monitoring the surroundings intermittently with the camera, and it automatically shoots when people who take suspicious actions such as leaning on the car appear in the surroundings.

Such watching mode actually functions, and the following movie is what recorded the behavior of two suspicious men. While pretending to touch their own car, we are performing an act of damage to the door of Tesla with a key held behind. However, the Tesla car recorded such a prank automatically.

Tesla Sentry Mode Car Keyed-YouTube

Two men walked from the front of the car.

A man is parked next to a Tesla car and is showing a swing on the door of his pickup truck.

However, hold the key by pushing the tip of the Tesla car door behind you ...

I just moved to the side. It is damage to the object of mischievous purpose to damage the door.

Two men who are delighted. However, by the lookout mode, that figure is batch recorded.

The men scratched one more time just before running away with their pickup truck.

The incident occurred in Sacramento, California, USA, and it is said that the police are already moving based on this movie.

In addition, the Tesla car was also recording the scene where the mother of a child with a child had a similar crime.

Tesla's Sentry Mode records a hater harming a Model 3. On purpose!-YouTube

My mother opens the door for her child.

However, while the door is open, the mother clings to the side of the Tesla car behind her hand.

This is an enlarged image.

Actually, the door was scratched.

There was also a long scratch on one horizontal character.

Thanks to the movie, this woman was arrested.

Watch mode is not only movie recording, but when there is an abnormality such as broken window, the car alarm is activated, the brightness of the display is maximized, and the music flows from the audio system at the maximum volume 'Alarm mode' Switching to According to Tesla's CEO Eron Musk, Bach's 'Toccata and Fugue' flows in the alarm mode.

It should be noted that 'sometimes the metal version of' Toccata and fugue 'flows'.

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