The landing system of an airplane may be hijacked by someone with a forged radio signal



'Analyzer can analyze the radio signal used by the aircraft when landing, which could cause a system used to guide the aircraft to be taken over,' a team of researchers at Northeastern University announced And warns of the security of the current plane landing system.

Wireless Attacks on Aircraft Instrument Landing Systems
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Hackers can fake radio signals to 'hijack' aircraft landing systems, warn researchers

The research team states that 'Modern aircraft relies heavily on communication, control and navigation with some wireless technologies. We have demonstrated the vulnerabilities of many aviation systems.' According to the research team, despite the recent improvements in low-end software radio (SDR) performance, the safety of the aircraft landing system against hostile radio attacks has not been studied to the extent it can be confirmed About.

As a result of research, analyzing the waveform of the device system, it has been found that it is possible to disguise the radio signal using a commercially available device for about $ 600 (about 66000 yen). Using this method, the course deviation indicator displayed on the instrument landing gear can be completely and finely controlled in real time.

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In addition to testing on flight simulators such as X-Plane , the research team has reported that they have also demonstrated instrument landing gear that is actually used on aircraft. If this vulnerability is exploited, an attacker can also give an airplane just before landing an instruction to 're-landing', or guide the driver to a non-landing zone under poor visibility conditions. And.

'We have considered all possible measures including fail-safe systems such as GPS, but none of them are security-secured and there are issues to realize a scalable and safe aircraft landing system Was shown, 'the research team said.

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