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Of the search engine Google to provide Google search is a search engine that is used most often on the web. As a result of the researcher analyzing the tendency of the news site which such Google search displays, it became clear that a few news sites are displayed preferentially and that the thought tendency of the news site is biased. .

Search as News Curator: The Role of Google in Shaping Attention to News Information

Audit suggestions Google favorites a small number of major outlets-Columbia Journalism Review

According to a survey released by Web analytics company Parse.ly at the end of April 2019, 23% of the traffic to the news site came from search engines. Above all, Google search algorithm has a big influence on the news site traffic.

However, many people do not know how the Google search algorithm works, and it is unclear what kind of tendency the news site displayed in the search results has or the diversity is secured. . So the research team of Nick Diakopoulos and others at Northwestern University conducted a survey on the 'Top News' items displayed on Google search.

When you search for a word that hits a lot of news in Google search, the relevant news is displayed in the 'Top News' pane at the top of the search results. The top news section shows about 3 related news items and the time when the news was released, and it appears that many users are accessing the news site from the top news display frame.

Diakopoulos and colleagues analyzed the search results for more than 200 search words that were discussed in November 2017 to investigate trends in the news sites that appear on the top news. Search word that has been used, which has been picked up manually from the news events that went up in Google trends, '

Colin Kaepernick (colin kaepernick),' 'earthquake (earthquake),' 'tax reform (tax reform)', 'Health The word “health care gov” was included.

During the search, each search word was searched once a minute for 24 hours, with the effect of personalizing the display results of Google search to personal preference. The research team also measured the frequency with which articles were displayed in the top news for each search as 'impressions' and analyzed which articles earned how many impressions. Even if it appears in the top news, if you are quickly removed from the top news, your impressions will be low, and if you keep showing over the long term, you will earn many impressions.

As a result of the survey, links to 6302 news articles in total were displayed on top news, says Diakopoulos. And when I analyzed the site of the displayed news article, I found that a total of 678 news sites were displayed on top news, but only 20 news sites accounted for more than half of all the impressions. In addition, we found that the top 20% of news sites accounted for 86% of all impressions. The top three news sites CNN , The New York Times , and the Washington Post accounted for 23% of all impressions, and it is clear that a small number of news sites are being displayed.

The diversity of news sites varied from search word to word, with an average of 19 news sites displayed per search word, but 30% of search sites displayed less than 10 news sites. In addition, '

Rex Tillerson (rex tillerson)' although the 38 things news site in total is displayed in the search word that, CNN and considering impression time thing and accounted for 75 percent.

It turned out that the news site displayed on top news by Google search like this has a certain tendency. However, the results of search engine search results affect the user's attitude and opinion, and form recognition and stereotypes (PDF file) research results are also shown, and the diversity of news sites may affect the voting results etc. Not an important issue.

Therefore, Diakopoulos and others analyze the news site displayed in the top news of Google search from an ideological point of view. The research team determines whether the idea of each news site is “left-handed (left wing )” or “right-handed ( right wing )” based on past research that analyzed the thought tendency of the news site from the results shared on Facebook, and impressions. Surveyed the percentage of

As a result, 62.4% of all impressions came from news sites rated left, and only 11.3% were rated news sites rated right. It seems that the remaining 26.3% of the news sites have not been rated as either right or left, but even if the remaining 26.3% are classified as right-handed news sites, the sites displayed in the top Google search news are clearly Diakopoulos says that it tends to be on the left.

In addition, when I checked the search word used in Google search with

GDELT which is Google's database, the article on the left side seems to be 2.2 times more than the article on the right side, but taking this into consideration, the top of Google search The news has a tendency towards the left.

In addition, Google's top news shows the release time of the article, but the research team is also analyzing this. As a result, 83.5% of the articles displayed in the top news were released within 24 hours, and those within 1 hour were also found to be 13.1%. In other words, the medium that can release fresh news seems to be superior to Google search.

Finally, the research team is also using Chartbeat , an access analysis tool, to analyze how much traffic Google search top news brings to news sites, as well as information such as search words and impressions. You Traffic increase of per impression is so variations there were many for each search word, ' Matt Lower in the search word that (Matt Lauer)', although 3961 things traffic increase per impression was observed, with 58% of the search word The traffic increase per impression was less than 100.

When the research team built a traffic prediction model for Google search articles based on top news impressions and regular search display results, traffic increased by 15.5% when displayed in top news over an hour . On the other hand, it seems that the increase in traffic when displayed as top for 1 hour in the search results is 9.4%, and it is suggested that being selected as the top news helps increase the traffic.

Based on this forecast model, we found that CNN achieved a 24% traffic increase with top news benefits, while National Public Radio (NPR) only gained a 3.7% increase. While it is unclear what kind of algorithm Google is using for the top news, the research team has deciphered the top news selection trend and is superior to other news sites, even though it is unknown Said that it may be standing in

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