The combination of “Japanese tea” × fruit and nuts such as hoji tea and green tea has eaten three “Japanese tea donuts” of the new crispy cream donut

'Harmony tea Suites' popular in foreign countries that combined with fruit and nuts the familiar sum tea in Japanese, the Krispy Kreme has reimportation is the 'sum tea donut' three of the new. There was also a new iced drink made with Japanese tea, so I have eaten with three new donuts.

Very popular in New York! Three combinations of “Japanese tea × fruit and nuts” are new “Japanese tea donuts” 3 kinds refreshing in early summer “Uji Matcha lemonade” “Crispy frozen roasted tea & brown rice latte” simultaneously released | Crispy cream donuts

I came to a crispy cream donut right away. There are cases where some stores do not sell drinks, so please check the store information if you want to drink two new drinks.

We discover three new Japanese-style donuts in the menu placed at the storefront.

So, this is the new Japanese-style donut. The green one in the foreground is 'Uji Matcha Cream & Strawberry' (230 yen excluding tax), the white one in the far left is 'Hojicha Old Fashion' (230 yen excluding tax), the yellow in the far right is 'Citrus green tea ring' (tax not included) It is 230 yen).

The size is about this when comparing donut and iPhone X.

'Uji Matcha Cream and Strawberry' is a donut dough mixed with Uji Matcha, which is a layer of lightly melted Uji Matcha Cream overlaid with freeze-dried strawberry, strawberry-flavored pink curl chocolate, and white topped. chocolate.

The dark red is freeze dried strawberry, and the thin pink one is pink curl chocolate.

I will try it soon. 'Uji Matcha Cream & Strawberry' is a soft and soft donut, and Uji Matcha Cream has a light texture, so it is a bit more pleasant to eat than it looks. Uji Matcha is kneaded into the dough and cream, but I can not feel the bitterness and bitterness unique to Matcha at all.

Milky sweetness of white chocolate and the fruity flavor of pink curl chocolate with strawberry taste are good accents of the matcha taste of matcha green tea. The freeze-dried strawberry is also topped together, but it is a bit too small impression to be a taste accent. Surprisingly it was the lightest eating response among the three.

Next, 'Hojicha Old Fashion'. We coated white chocolate on donuts kneaded with hojicha ...

The surface is roasted with roasted almonds.

When I put it in my mouth, I felt the fragrant taste of Houji tea, but when I eat it, the white chocolate coating monopolizes all the flavor. The crispy texture of roasted almonds is a good accent, but it would feel like if you could feel a little more tea.

Citrus Green Tea Ring is a donut dough with uji powdered green tea, icing milky white chocolate, drawing a line with Uji matcha chocolate from above, and coating it with mixed napage, which is a combination of lemon and yuzu.

It is Yuzu peel that is topped.

When I ate it, the dough was as soft and soft as 'Uji Matcha Cream & Strawberry'. As for the taste, the flavor of lemon and yuzu mixed napage is quite strong, and the sweetness and acidity can be felt firmly, and it feels freshness that other Japanese tea donuts do not have. There are a lot of donuts that are slightly sweeter, so if you want to eat multiple donuts, it's good to choose this 'Citrus Green Tea Ring'. In addition, the topping Yuzu peel is a good accent because you can feel the astringency of dried fruits like Yuzu.

And these two are new iced drinks 'Uji Matcha lemonade' (with tax 360 yen) and 'Crispy frozen roasted tea & brown rice latte' (with tax 540 yen) using Japanese tea.

The size is about this compared to the iPhone X.

'Uji Matcha Lemonade' is a lemonade made from fragrant Uji Matcha, which is a combination of yuzu sauce with fruit pulp and lemon syrup with juice. At first, I thought that lemon was much better than green tea, but when mixed well, the flavor of Uji green tea is felt more firmly than I imagined. Because it is an iced green tea drink, it is easy to drink cleanly, and the astringent taste that remains in the mouth like green tea dissolves with the lemon and yuzu flavor, and makes the aftertaste fresh. The appearance at the time of offer is also refreshing and good.

What was unexpected was that 'Crispy Frozen Hojicha & Brown Rice Latte' had a stronger sense of tea than Uji Matcha lemonade. The flavor of hojicha is felt so solidly, and the surprise of the first bit 'hojicha is dark!' Is very impressive. The brown rice puff that comes with them emphasizes the fragrantity more, but the taste is established without problems even if the punch of the base portion is not strong. The flavor of tea is strong, but since it is still a sweet dessert-type drink as it looks, it was a personally favorite drink that it is a dessert-type drink without killing the individuality of hojicha.

The topped brown grains are brown rice puff, and the slightly brown sauce is a roasted tea sauce.

The three new 'Wacha Donuts' are tax-included 230 yen each, 'Uji Matcha Lemonade' is tax-included 360 yen, and 'Crispy Frozen Hojicha & Brown Rice Latte' is tax-included 540 yen, excluding some stores nationwide. Is available for sale on Crispy Cream Donuts. It will be discontinued as soon as each disappears, so please check early if you are concerned.

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