How do you train for busy people?



There are a lot of people who think, 'I want to exercise, but I am busy every day and I don't have much time.' Even for busy people, Brock Armstrong introduced how to incorporate training into daily life as Get-Fit Guy explains various training theories.

How to Make Time for Exercise

Armstrong says, 'Even if you think you don't have time, there is a way to make time for exercise.' After introducing it, we introduce how to exercise and how to exercise for people who don't have time.

The first exercise to do when you wake up in bed. I would like to go to bed twice, raise my knees to the chest position, fix my posture so that I can hold my feet on my arms, and stretch all over my body. This has the effect of stretching the spine and legs. After continuing this stretch for about 30 seconds, if you stretch the leg straight and move it left and right while keeping your back attached to the bed, the tension in the back will be relaxed. Armstrong says that just doing these exercises on a daily basis changes the feelings themselves.



The second is 'Squat 10 times each time you touch the doorknob'. Mr. Armstrong said he would touch the doorknob six to eight times before going to work, saying, 'If you keep this, you will be able to do 60 squats in the morning alone.'

The third is the method of abs you can do when you sit down on a bus or train. The body is rolled so that the ribs touch the stomach, and the abdominal muscles are contracted, and kept in a contracted state for several seconds, and the action of loosening is repeated. It is effective to do one set of 15 times more than 5 sets, and it has been recommended for those who can sit during commuting.



The fourth is training using conversation with friends. Choose one “word of the day” such as “Book” and push up 10 times if someone speaks the word, 9 times for the second time, 8 times for the third time, and push ups gradually To reduce If the number has decreased to 0 times, it was recommended to choose another 'today's word' and to start training from 1 again.

The fifth thing that has been recommended is simply “walking”. Walking has the effect of dieting, preventing heart disease, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes, and strengthening bones and muscles, so you can always stand at the time you are sitting or with your friends while taking a walk It was recommended to have a conversation.



Mr. Armstrong also commented on the type of training that will give the best results in a short time. The first is 'Training to move many parts of the body'. Training that takes advantage of multiple joints, such as barpy jumps and walking runs, seems to be highly effective. The second is 'Training to move quickly'. Jumping workouts can consume more calories after exercise. The third is 'do not usually do training'. If you do training that you are not familiar with, you will be able to consume more calories because you can not perform 'efficient movement'. The fourth is 'Training with Friends'. If you do it while enjoying training, endorphins are secreted in the brain, and it seems to have a positive impact on both the brain and emotion.

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If you try to do a full training with kitchiri, it takes 45 to 60 minutes, such as warm-up, cool-down and shower after exercise. However, about 10 minutes of muscle training can be done repeatedly over the course of the day, and it is effective, says Armstrong.

Brock Armstrong also introduced 'Super Slow Muscle Training'.

What kind of effect is there in 'Super Slow Muscle Training', which is very slow muscle training? -GIGAZINE

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