Research results show that the risk of stroke is increased even with 'appropriate' drinking



Stroke is a disease in which blood vessels in the brain become clogged or broken, causing numbness and paralysis in the arms and legs, speech and thinking problems, and in severe cases, becoming bedridden or dying. Stroke is the second leading cause of death in Japan after cancer and heart disease, but The Guardian has reported that even 'appropriate' alcohol consumption increases the risk of stroke.

Conventional and genetic evidence on alcohol and vascular disease aetiology: a prospective study of 500 000 men and women in China-The Lancet

Even low alcohol consumption is bad news for strokes – study | Society | The Guardian

This study is based on health, lifestyle and genetic data collected from more than 500,000 adults in China from 2004 to 2008. According to the data collected, people who consumed more than 100 g of alcohol a week appeared to have a reduced risk of stroke, but also took into account the gene for acetaldehyde dehydrogenase, which determines its resistance to alcohol If you take more than 280 grams of alcohol a week, then the risk of stroke in men will increase by 38%. Professor Richard Pete, a professor of medical statistics at Oxford University and co-author of the study, said, 'If you drink one or two glasses of alcohol a day, the risk of stroke increases by 10% to 15%. It is said that.



On the other hand, there was no causal relationship between alcohol consumption and stroke for women. The reason for this is that although 33% of men answered that they are drinking almost every day in response to a question on drinking habits, 2% are women, and women's alcohol consumption itself is quite low. Seems to be considered.

Among those who reported that their intake was self-reported, that many of the liquors consumed in China were distilled liquor , and those who said they would not drink alcohol, those who can not drink alcohol for health reasons It is also pointed out that this study is limited due to factors such as being included.

In addition, research has also been reported that proper drinking not only increases the risk of stroke but also accelerates the decline in cognitive function in the brain.

'A proper amount of alcohol' will accelerate the decline in cognitive function of the brain-GIGAZINE

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