Benefits for Nintendo Switch Online for up to 12 months free for Twitch Prime members

Twitch, a live streaming game site, has started offering the benefit of making the paid member plan Nintendo Switch Online , which is also a paid member plan, free for one year when it joins the paid member plan Twitch Prime . Twitch Prime subscribers will be able to use Nintendo Switch Online free for up to 12 months by linking their Nintendo account with their Twitch Prime account.

Twitch Prime-Nintendo Switch Online free for up to 12 months

Twitch Prime is a plan where monthly benefits such as game items, game items, skins, and currency can be presented monthly, and it is free for Amazon Prime members who can use 400 yen in one month tax or 3900 yen in one year It is possible to join at.

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The announced benefit is that you will be able to obtain free use of Nintendo Switch Online, a paid service plan for Nintendo Switch. By joining Nintendo Switch Online, you can use a variety of services such as online play on the Nintendo Switch, cloud storage of saved data, and 'Family Computer Nintendo Switch Online' where you can play games of family computers.

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By linking your Twitch Prime account to your Nintendo account, you can obtain 3 months of Nintendo Switch Online personal plan usage rights. In addition, after 60 days of Twitch Prime registration, an additional 9 months' worth of usage rights will be available. In other words, you can get a total of up to 12 months of Nintendo Switch Online's personal plan right for free.

The benefit is also available to users who have already subscribed to Nintendo Switch Online's personal plan. For example, if you have already subscribed to Nintendo Switch Online's personal plan and the expiration date is April 15, then the expiration date will be extended until July 14 by obtaining the 3-month access privilege. You However, it is an individual plan to the last, and a family plan is not applicable.

'We are very pleased to be able to work with Nintendo and offer Nintendo Switch Online vouchers as a new benefit for Twitch Prime,' said Ethan Evans, Vice President of Twitch Prime. We will strive to make our experience more wonderful. '

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