Ichiro retires, achieving a total of 30 89 hits, 22nd in the major series, 262 hits in the season, and 200 hits in 10 consecutive years

Ichiro, a member of the Seattle Mariners, announced his retirement at the end of the second round of the opening match held at Tokyo Dome on March 21, 2019 (Thu).

Ichiro Suzuki Announces His Retirement from Major League Baseball


Ichiro participated in the starting match following the first race on Wednesday, March 20. Defensive was steady, but the blow has been sluggish since the open war. The fourth at bat, which was hit with three bats at bat, was a short run with two runners in the second row.

Back in the 8th, once in the defensive position, the service director left the bench and told a change. Ichiro returning from the defensive position was applauded from the entire stadium.

Ichiro who hugged each one in front of the bench.

Ichiro was appointed at a draft conference in 1991 and joined Orix Bluewave from Aichi Institute of Technology Meiden High School. The blow sense has been highly appreciated since high school, but was appointed fourth.

Changed registered name in 1994 from real name 'Suzuki Ichiro' to 'Ichirou'. He made a break this year and achieved the first 200 hits in Japanese professional baseball history. It has been an unprecedented record for the seventh consecutive year of top batter winning from this year to 2000.

After the season of 2000, he moved to Seattle Mariners on the posting system. It became the first major leaguer as a Japanese fielder. Initially, there was a skeptical view that Japanese fielders would be accepted in the major league, but achieved good results from the beginning of the season and updated the team's most hit record in September. With a total of 242 hits throughout the season, he left a historical figure that he was in ninth place in the record of the number of hits in those days. In 2004, the Major League set a new record with 262 hits in the season. Since his debut, he has achieved 200 hits for 10 consecutive years until 2010.

After returning to the Mariners in 2018 through the New York Yankees and Miami Marlins, it was announced in May that they signed a 'Special Assistant Advisor' contract with the team and will not participate in the remaining games of the 2018 season. .

The 2019 season starts with a minor contract. I switched to a major contract in March and participated in the opening match against Oakland Athletics, which will be held at Tokyo Dome on March 20th and 21st.

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In addition, this game also became a major debut match of Yuuki Kikuchi. The match was Helier's two runs with the Mariners first. One more point was added, and it was decided that Kikuchi could get the right to victory if he held 5 times, but dropped out with 5 out 2 outs.

After that, the follow-up pitcher was also beaten, and the Mariners who scored 2 runs in this round were overtaken by those who scored seven extra points. After that, the battle of one reciprocation continued and rushed into the extra battle. In the 12th table of the table, the Mariners made a win and scored a win over Santana's Short Golo after a full outing.

Now Ichiro will beat Athletics 5 to 4 in his Major League debut and will leave Athletics 5 on 4 in the Major League final.

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