While the 'Toy Story 4' latest trailer is on display, the whole story of the story is gradually revealed

The latest trailer for ' Toy Story 4 ', scheduled for release on July 12, 2019, has been released. 'Fokey' made by Bony, the new owner of Woody, has appeared as a new character. Forekey and Woody's rarity is drawn from a split-spoon, while shepherd doll

Bo Peep has re-emerged as Imechen.

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'Everyone Bonny made friends at school!' Said Woody.

To toys that return 'You already have friends?'

'No, I made it literally,' said Woody.

Bonnie made ...

A humanoid-like toy called 'Fokey'.

'What kind of group is it?' The toys that are excited are 'Fork fork break!'

It's just a fork with a face and limbs on a fork called a spoke, but Bonnie's favorite toy is that.

Look at the skinny Bonnies who are sleepy and free of skin ......

Woody solidifies his determination, 'I have to keep him from happening.'

However, in the woody, Foque is desperately desperate, saying, 'I am not a toy. It is made for soup, salad, and chili, and the last thing is thrown away.'

And I try to throw in from the window of the camper.

Woody also went out of the car following Forky.

'Why am I alive?' Forkey asks Woody.

'You're creating Bonny's happy memories that will continue all the way from now,' Woody says.

Forkey looks like 'Ha?'

Woody walking in the city and seeing something.



However, the weird doll named 'Gabby Gabby' was waiting in the shop.

Shop dolls try to lock in Woody and Forky.

What appeared at that time ...

Bo Peep appeared in the first series · second series.

As Bo appeared, he used a stick to fight off Gabby Gabby.

And take Woody and run away.

Speaking of Bo, pink hat and dress are the trademark characters. The appearance of running around in a cloak in a cloak is completely different from the previous image of Bo. However, he was Woody who called for such a Bo, saying that he would not return to the children as before.

Bo said, 'Yes, sheriff Woody will always be available for help,' he said.

'Who thinks you need a children's room?'

An amusement park spreads in front of you, saying, 'Everyone is here.'

On the other hand, in the camper van, 'I have to find the lost Woody and Forky!'

When Buzz jumps out of the window right away ...

There is an amusement park where Bonnie and Woody headed.

Bonnie looks for a lost key.

And Bonnie and Woody arrive at the Lost Child's Toy Land.

'Look, Woody. There are many children here.'

'Don't you think the change isn't bad either?'

It was Woody getting used to the new environment of Amusement Park, but the situation turned over in light of Bonnie's appearance.

Of course, buzz plays an active part in the movie.

Andy's former appearance.

Bo says, 'In the rain, children lose toys every day.' Bo was also one of the 'lost toys'.

'I was created to help my children. I forgot it was such a hard thing.'

In the comments section of the movie, there is a sad voice coming up saying 'Bow is likely to be a villain from the tendency of the past story of Pixar ...... Do not make Bo a villain ......' The problem was 'That's a passing problem,' 'It is better to keep someone Woody in custody.' In addition, Toy Story 4 is scheduled to be released on July 12, 2019 (Fri).

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