Everyone can easily give first aid to 'cut at the level requiring suturing' 'ZipStitch'

When exercising or playing outdoors, a slight carelessness may cause scratches and cuts to be created. In the case of shallow scratches, it is sufficient to respond by first aid that it is washed and covered with dressing material , but in the case of deep wounds that can cut to subcutaneous tissue or the like, suture may be necessary and it will exceed the frame of first aid Sometimes. " ZipStitch " has become an item which can close the cut firmly without needing needle, thread, sewing technique.

ZipStitch | Hospital Grade Wound Care For Your Outdoor, Home or Car First Aid Kit

In fact, what items are ZipStitch is understood by one shot when looking at the following movie.

Treating a wound with ZipStitch - YouTube

In outdoor sports setting in nature, there are times when you get a big injury with a little fly. If we suffer too deep wounds bleeding or festering may result in fatal injury, appropriate first aid is required, but in case you injured in forest or on the mountain, you can not get to the hospital easily There are also things. "ZipStitch" is useful in such a case.

If you get scratched, first wash your hands well, stop your wounds, gently wash the wound with fresh water or physiological saline to remove mud and dead leaves.

If you carefully disinfect around the wound ... ...

Close the wound with ZipStitch. ZipStitch is made of plastics wire and slit, and it sticks to the slit so as to fit the wound.

After fixing the ZipStitch, remove the surrounding seat ......

I pull the wire a lot. Since the wire is designed not to return to its original position once it is pulled, it can be fixed so that the wound is opened and bleeding again or germs do not enter.

After pulling the four wires fixed, cut the protruding wires with scissors ......

Cover it with dressing material from above. Of course this is merely a first aid, so if you receive the right treatment at the hospital after this OK. No complex operation or delicate work is required at all, so anyone can easily take action.

When bleeding from the wound, a scab is formed by platelets that touched the air, under which white blood cells eliminate bacterial bacteria, fibroblasts repair the skin tissue. However, if the suture is deeply scratched to the required level, the bleeding resumes with a slight blow, or the wounding is dry and the healing slows down. In addition, there is a possibility that life threatening such as septicemia and tetanus may occur if germs enter from the wound. You can expect a faster recovery by using ZipStitch to close the wound and fix it in a blocked state.

A Laceration Kit (laceration kit) with one ZipStitch 1 piece, alcohol-containing absorbent cotton, 1 piece of gauze and 1 piece of lamination is handled at Amazon.com for $ 29.99 (about 3,300 yen), but an article At the time of creation it was said that shipping to Japan was not done.

Amazon.com: ZipStitch Laceration Kit - Surgical Quality Wound Closure (up to 1.5 ") for in-Home Use (No Stitches) - for First Aid Kit, Car Kit, Outdoor / Survival Kit, Travel, Camping, Hunting, Hiking: Health & Personal Care

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