After all meat × cheese × tomato was a combination of gold that did not disappoint expectation Nissin Food 'Cup noodle lasagne style cheese meat sauce taste big' taste review

Cup noodle lasagne style cheese meat sauce big big "which arranged Italian cuisine · lasagna as cup noodle appeared on February 18, 2019 (Monday). A new taste which reproduces the taste of lasagna by putting seasoned pig mince and cheddar cheese as a ingredient in a soup which made the taste of meat firmly based on tomato, the taste of meat and cheese can be fully tasted, it is cold Since it is about a cup noodle perfect for the season, I actually tried it.

"Cup Noodle Lasagna-like Cheese Meat Sauce Big" (released February 18) | Nissin Food Group

Cup noodle lasagna style cheese meat sauce taste big | Nissin Food Group

The package of "Cup noodle lasagne style cheese meat sauce taste big" is like this. It is a design based on the red orange orange color, imagining meat sauce containing tomatoes.

On the top is an image photograph that prints cheese melted in tomato sauce containing meat and carrot thoroughly.

When you look at the raw materials, you can see that pork extract is extraordinarily used for soup, lard and pork seasoning on soup, quickly with seasoned pork minced pork and ingredients to make pork umami effective.

The calorie per meal is 520 kcal. Considering that the content volume is 108 g, and ordinary cup noodles are 77 g, there is only a big volume and there is volume.

When you turn the lid off, white cube-like cheese and meat are cooked with plenty of powder soup.

Pour the hot water, close the lid with a lid seal on the bottom of the package ... ...

Wait 3 minutes.

Open the lid after the timer rings, the scent of cheese and the smell of meat sauce will emerge and stimulate appetite.

Cheese melted smoothly and was floating on soup with meat.

When eating, the meat taste, the refreshing acidity of tomatoes, and the richness of melted cheese complement each other 's taste, making it the best match without betraying expectations. The smooth and dusty tooth touch of the noodles involved with soup makes me think of flat pasta fabric in lasagna, so I feel a sense of lasagna firmly.

There was plenty of soup basil and made the taste of pork flavor and meat juice stand out.

"Cup noodle lasagne style cheese meat sauce taste big" is sold at retail stores nationwide from February 18, 2019, and the price is 205 yen including tax. In addition, 12 pieces can be purchased at with 2654 yen including tax.

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