What are the seven moral codes common to all cultures?

by Maciej Pienczewski

All of the war, conflict and all the miserable events have plagued civilization for centuries. From there, there are many people who will have a tragic idea that "cultures that are incompatible with human society will continue to collide constantly". However, according to the latest research, every culture seems to be made up of seven "common moral norms".

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These 7 Rules Could Be The Universal Moral Code Shared by Every Culture, Study Finds

Research using the largest research sample in the same field research, such as more than 600 cultural records around the world and information gathered from more than 60 communities was conducted. Analysis of the data has revealed that the moral values are much more consolidated than people break apart.

by Josh Gordon

Oliver Scott Curry, an anthropologist at the University of Oxford who participated in the study said, "It became clear that anyone living in any region shares a common moral norm It is pointed out that moral norms do not differ due to differences in narratives and cultures. Furthermore, "I am convinced that all people cooperate and I realize that promoting public interest is right."

Human Relations Area Files (HRAF) of the file material which the literature written about various societies and cultures of the whole world is gathered by region and ethnic group and the contents of all pages are analyzed by experts using original classification method ) Are analyzed by Mr. Curry 's research team. In order to prove the theory that "The people have evolved moral norms in human culture in order to promote cooperation", from the description of more than 600,000 ethnographic magazines contained in HRAF " Seven separate moral codes of conduct ".

Analysis of HRAF revealed that in all cultures "helping the family", "helping the group to which they belong", "rewarding each other" "being brave" "respecting" "respecting" "being fair" "property It seems that there are seven moral codes of behavior, "to grant the right" as a universal thing.

by Tom Watkins

According to the survey, the seven moral codes commonly seen in different cultures are uniformly considered to be "positive and morally superior", and these actions are interpreted as morally bad He said that he never was. Also, most of the seven moral codes commonly seen in different cultures are found in most cultures, and they are found at similar frequencies in various parts of the world .

In the paper, "We have concluded that these seven cooperative actions are reasonable candidates as a universal moral rule", and furthermore, "moral acts as cooperation are anthropological It shows that it is possible to provide "a moral theory gathered together" that has been thought to be absent so far. "

However, out of 962 cases, only one exceptional case existed in the Chuuk Islands of Micronesia. In the Chuuk Islands it seems that "stealing publicly from other people shows superiority and it is a worthy act to prove that they are not threatened by the aggressive power of others", which seems to be related to seven moral norms That is exceptional that does not apply.

by Corey Motta

In addition, behaviors that lead to conflict in the community are considered to be morally bad behavior, "ignoring relatives" "betraying the group they belong to" "do not reward others" "cowardice It is said that it is recognized as being immoral. "" To lack respect, "" to be unfair "and" to steal "are immoral.

Not all cultures and all social groups present all over the world will rank or prioritize these moral codes in the same way. But in most societies the seven moral codes are considered positive and the fact that this kind of moral norms were observed in so many different societies is a moral universalism in ethics It shows that what is known greatly helps.

Mr. Currie said: "Although discussions between moral and universalists and moral relativists have been repeated for centuries, we have several new answers: people around the world Is faced with similar social problems and uses a similar moral code to solve them, "he says, supporting the existence of moral universality.

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