It is pointed out that 'the spread of automatic driving has a danger of causing the traffic network of the city to paralyze'

With the development of artificial intelligence (AI), an automatic driving technique that enables people to travel on public roads safely without manipulation at all is being realized. It is said that not only human beings are released from driving due to the spread of automatic driving technology but also reduction of traffic accidents and decrease of traffic congestion are expected to be expected, but contrary to that, "When automated driving vehicles spread, traffic jams everywhere There is a danger that the road traffic network in the city will paralyze as it happens ".

The autonomous vehicle parking problem - ScienceDirect

Mean streets: Self-driving cars will "cruise" to avoid paying to park

What is expected of automatic operation becoming commonplace is the solution of the parking problem. The common sense that "a car can not move unless a man drives," is overturned by automatic driving, and even after a person gets off the car, there is no need to park the car at the side of a parking lot or a road, and it was decided as it was It may be possible to go round and round the route and wait. By using this "auto cruising function", it is expected that not only will it be possible to save expensive parking fees in urban areas but also reduce illegal parking which causes traffic congestion.

Adam Millard-Ball, Associate Professor at the University of California, Santa Cruz, analyzed how much parking costs are reduced by the cruising function of an automated vehicle using a traffic micro simulation model.

According to Mr. Millard-Ball's simulation, when 2000 automatic driving vehicles in San Francisco use the auto cruising function, the overall traffic flow will fall to about 2 mph (approximately 3.2 km / h). 60% of the parking lot in San Francisco is a pay parking lot, the average parking fee per hour is about 3 dollars (about 330 yen), while the cost per hour of the auto cruising function is 50 cents ( About 55 yen), although Mr. Millard-Ball argues that San Francisco's road will suffer severe congestion at the price, although it is low.

Mr. Millard-Ball says, "Although it is possible to prohibit driving for more than 10 minutes without passengers, for example, there are some patterns in which automobiles are delivering luggage, so easy regulation is difficult," Pointed out. As an alternative, we propose to set the cost of getting in and out of the city. For example, in London, drivers are obliged to pay a flat fee of 11.50 pounds (about 1600 yen) to enter the city center. It seems that the system which takes this boarding fee is also adopted in Singapore and Stockholm.

"As a policy, it's difficult to implement settings that pay prices when driving in town, because citizens do not want to pay for what they could do for free for a long time, but now no one is automatic There are no constituencies that oppose charges for the use of public roads with automatic driving vehicles because they do not own a driving vehicle, "Millard-Ball said," Now that the traffic of the whole city is paralyzed It is time to avoid a nightmare scenario, and this idea should be executed before automatic driving vehicles become popular. "

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