Research indicates the presence of a person capable of delivering 'healing pork' that is effective for intractable diseases

A treatment method called " stool microorganism transplantation (FMT)" that aims to improve the symptom by adjusting the balance of intestinal bacteria by administering the stool of a healthy person to the patient has attracted attention in recent years. From the clinical research data on such FMT so far, research team of Oakland University insists that there may be people who can produce "healing pork" which is expected to be effective for treatment of specified intractable diseases etc. .

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It is said that hundreds of bacteria ranging from 500 trillion to 1000 trillion inhabit in the human intestine, and it is composed of abundant and diverse microbial communities called "Flora". The composition of this intestinal flora varies from individual to individual, as fingerprints vary from person to person. It is known that the composition and functionality of the intestinal flora has a special function in nutrition, energy metabolism, immunity, etc., and has a great influence on the health of the host. There are also reports that the number and types of flora in the intestines of patients with intractable diseases such as ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease decrease.

Therefore, "FMT" was devised aiming at improvement of symptoms by normalizing the balance of intestinal flora by diluting the stool of healthy person and spraying it to the intestine or internal administration as a capsule. Although FMT itself was done from ancient times, it has been scientifically studied from the beginning of the 20th century. Although it is still under study FMT, research teams point out that the effectiveness for at least Cross-Tritium-Difficile infection has been demonstrated.

Cross and birds di Umm difficile infection, the balance of intestinal flora, such as by use of antibiotics collapses large, which is the original minority of the bacteria Clostridium difficile is abnormally proliferating gastrointestinal inflammation Illness that causes. FMT is a method that can be expected to fundamentally treat Clostridium difficile infection, and according to research, when FMT was performed on a patient who relapsed Cross-Tritium-Difficile infection, It is said that about 92% cured.

FMT is expected as an effective treatment for ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, irritable bowel syndrome as well as clostridium difficile infection. However, there are also studies that "high therapeutic effect is recognized" and "research can not be said that effectiveness is high", and it can not be said that FMT is definitely effective at present. Therefore, as a result of researchers at the University of Auckland analyzing vast clinical research data on FMT so far, it seems that the possibility that "people who deliver highly effective treatments for congenital outbreaks" exists.

For example, in 2015 a randomized controlled clinical trial of FMT was conducted in 75 patients with ulcerative colitis, but the cure rate was only 24%. However, out of the nine patients whose symptoms remained , seven people found out how the same donor's flight was administered. In another clinical trial conducted in 2017, it was also found that the remission rates of patients who received certain donor flights were high.

However, the clear reason that such FMT 's "super donor" flight has a particularly high therapeutic effect is still largely due to the lack of large scale comparative clinical trials of FMT and so much data I heard that he does not understand.

Furthermore, while most of the research on FMT focuses on bacteria itself, the research team also suggests that there may be a therapeutic effect on "non-bacterial elements of stool". Indeed, in a small clinical trial conducted by five researchers at the University of Oakland for five patients with cross-tridium difficile infection, "microbial debris and proteins, DNA, antibacterial compounds, metabolites, viruses He said healing of the infection was confirmed even when the filtrate of the stool "only contained" was administered.

As more FMT-related clinical and microbiological data are accumulated, as it has become known that there are feces suitable for treatment depending on the disease, "A single super donor's flight is a special medicine for all intractable diseases It is not that it will become ", the research team argues. Meanwhile, the research team said, "Super donor has a big influence on the results of FMT", "By studying super donor's flight, treatment is standardized, treatment variability is reduced, more refined There was also the possibility that the FMT formulation that was made could be developed. "

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