Fake News Limited to message transfer with WhatsApp chat application under umbrella for spreading prevention

by Rachit Tank

If you hear shocking news, you talk to a friend or acquaintance before confirming its authenticity, and as a result it may help to spread fake news and incorrect information. In order to stop this systematically, limitations are imposed on the number of groups that can transfer messages with "WhatsApp" chat application under Facebook.

WhatsApp limits forwarding message to five chats globally | tech | Hindustan Times

WhatsApp limits message forwarding to 5 individuals or groups to curb spread of misinformation | VentureBeat

The restriction was applied in India from July 2018 ahead of time. In India the upper limit was restricted to "5 groups", but this time it will be applied to the world "20 groups" restriction.

Prior to the introduction in India, rumors that "strangers are kidnapping children" in Assam State, India in June 2018 resulted in an incident where two men died after receiving group lynching That's why. For WhatsApp, India is a major market with 200 million users, and there seems to be a side that has been forced to take measures as the complaints raised from the government.

In WhatsApp where 256 people can participate in one group, the maximum number of people who can transfer is also 1,280 with the "5 group" restriction in India. It seems that it will be considerably spread if each person who received the message further spreads, according to WhatsApp spokesperson, the number of transferred messages in the world has decreased by 25% during the test operation for 6 months .

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