'Memory of a meal' affects the next meal

by Ed Gregory

Those who forget about "eating" due to memory loss, even if there is feeling of fullness, they eat when given food. This shows that human beings are "hungry because they are hungry", but new studies have shown that "memories of meals" will affect the next meal I will.

Postmeal optogenetic inhibition of dorsal or ventral hippocampal pyramidal neurons increasing future intake | eNeuro

Memories of eating influence your next meal - new research pinpoints brain cells involved

A study in 2013 shows that when you eat in a state like "watching television" or "while playing a game" you get distracted from meals and the next meal volume increases .

And, in my research in 1998, those who can not remember saying "having a meal" due to memory loss know that they are full when they eat and are supposed to be full when they are given food.

Professor Marys Parent at Georgia State University School of Neuroscience received these studies and focused on "hippocampus", an organ related to memory etc. in a part of the limbic system. Immediately after the rat finished eating, we inactivated the hippocampus by taking measures like photogenetics (optogenetics) .

Then, the rats got to ask for the next meal, the rats promptly asked for the next meal, and they ate twice the usual amount. Dietary content increased in the case of saccharin, which suppresses the rise in blood glucose levels occurring in regular meals, with "diet for solid rodent," "sugar solution" and "sweetened with saccharin".

For this reason, Parent and colleagues concluded that hippocampal work is necessary after a meal to limit future energy intake. By integrating the memories of the previous meal, it inhibits future feeding behavior.

Previous studies have shown that excessive application of fat and sugar to rats will compromise hippocampal memory and it is also known that there is a link between hyperphagia and obesity and hippocampal damage / memory impairment I will. The results of this study are considered to give important meaning to the understanding of causes of obesity and treatment of obesity.

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