Women's wrestling world championship 16 consecutive victories · 206 individual winning streaks 'consecutive strongest girls' Shigeru Yoshida retired

Women's wrestler Yoshida Shosari who won the gold medal at the Athens Olympic Games, the Beijing Olympic Games, the London Olympic Games in succession, won 16 world championships including world championships, and won 206 unbroken victories in individual warfare Has announced his retirement.

Yoshida started wrestling as a daughter of wrestling player Yoshida Eriko from 3 years old. Its strength was prominent from the junior era such as the world junior championship two consecutive times, and as rivalry with Seiko Yamamoto who is also the second generation wrestling player, fighting the Athens Olympic appearance where female wrestling became the official sports of the Olympic Games, 55 kg I took the seat of the representative. I also won a gold medal as it was.

In addition, he won the gold medal at the Beijing Olympics in 2008 and the London Olympics in 2012. At the Rio de Janeiro Olympics in 2016 aiming for 4 consecutive victories, he was defeated by Helen Maulis in the semifinals. This Maurelis player was a former student who had been taught in the coaching era by former rival Seiko Yamamoto.

Yoshida continued his 206th winning streak since he was defeated by Seiko Yamamoto in the 2001 All-Japan Championship semi-final until the defeat of this Maulus, during which time he had achieved 16 consecutive world championships. From that too much strength, it was sometimes called "primate superstitious girl", in the same way as Russian male wrestling player Aleksandr Karelin 's alias "the strongest man of primates".

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