'A off-to-flying system' is developed in which AI judges the fun of Djare and the futon blows away

It is famous as "a futon blown off " as a representative thing of punishment playing with the same pronunciation words. A machine " off-to-the-flying system " which blows off the futon in response to an interesting puntlet was developed, as the futon blows off when an interesting answer comes out in the Daedei TV program " Futtunda " of the NTV series.

I made a futon blowing device when entering an interesting punt - Qiita

Four development teams who love Djare are collecting within the Slack channel which compliment each other by posting punishment in the data analyst firm, Brain Pad Co. , Ltd. Threads are full of enthusiasm such as "chosen and errors are balanced", "what you think and agree", "enjoy tastefully carpeted and strong Koji noodle noodles".

Four of them are equipped with the latest Djare AI in order to eliminate the tragedy such as "I am laughing like this so much funny punishment ... nobody smiles ... it's like air that seems to have been rather sweet ..." We have developed "off-to-the-flying system" which is a punching judgment machine. The name "off- tuning system" is posted by vocaloid music etc. (@ 05 Ael) posted by himself, its name is also called " [Tohoku Seiko] off- to- air flying system [original futon] " He said that he was used from a song.

【Tohoku Seiko】 Off-Tung Flying System 【Original Futon】

The off-tuning system has tatami on top of the cardboard box, and small futons are stacked on top of it.

The whole picture of the system looks something like this. When entering the punishment into the form, first the punching judgment AI " Shareca " judges whether the word is really puny . When it is judged to be " punching ", Dajare evaluation AI " Ukeruka " evaluates the fun of Djare and it seems that "Futon will blow away" if the punishment evaluation exceeds 50 points.

For example, if you input "Dajare" "Ramen on the back", "Dajare score" is determined to be 53.98 points ...

The futon blew away.

On the other hand, when I entered "Pandora's Rose" punctuation, the Dajare score was judged as 49.0 points ...

The futon did not fly away.

When I enter the word "do not think I can not think" that is not a pun ...

The futon does not fly away.

When all of us do not smile at my pun, I can feel confident that if my futon blows away by asking the off-to-flying system for a decision, "your pun intended was funny". On the other hand, when the futon did not blow away, it was said that he could laugh with self-stuttion, and it seems that it is exactly a universal system corresponding to all directions.

The off-tuning system consists of four technologies.

According to the development team, Dajare has four patterns of "perfect iteration type", "incomplete repetition type", "deformed iteration type", "latent expression duplication type", but in the punching judgment AI "Shareka" 2018 It seems that it corresponds to "perfect iteration type" and "imperfect iteration type" as of December. Two patterns of "deformed repetitive type" and "latent representation overlapping type" require not only phonology but also meaning and knowledge of words to be incorporated in AI, the degree of difficulty will be improved significantly.

In order to train Shareka and Dajale evaluation AI "Ukeruka", the development team was used in an attempt to quantify the light novelness with "Dashile data" of Dajare specialty site "Dashi station " and " Character-level CNN " I used the title of Noanbe / novel as data that is not a pun.

First, Shareka converts all input sentences to katakana, deletes symbols, long tones, geminate (ß), and converts lower case letters (ia, __) etc. to upper case. And when two or more letters in a sentence are repeated in the same sequence, it is said to be "punishable". It seems that 93% of punishment can be accurately judged by this method, and it is said that it can judge with an accuracy of 87% if ordinary sentences are not punched. Although the rate at which it can be judged that a normal sentence is not a punishment will rise significantly if the rule is made three letters or more, "It is too poor to be judged as" not being a pun intended "although you punctually entered punishment And the development team has adopted the two-letter rule.

In Ukeruka we let students learn fun of punishment based on evaluation points registered in fancy station, and the learning result is as follows. While it goes to the right it learns many models iteratively, the orange line shows the correct rate and the blue line shows the learning amount. Although the accuracy rate increases as going upward, unfortunately the accuracy rate does not rise from around 67%, and Ukeruka's punishment evaluation accuracy is not so high. As a finding obtained this time, the research team says that not only phonology but also meaning and knowledge are important for evaluation of punjab.

For the mechanism that blows off the futon with the off-to-flying system, the next-generation futon futon killing engine "Kurohige" developed independently is adopted. The machine in the form of a stick sticked in a tal of " super jumping black beard crisis one shot " is contained in the corrugated cardboard. When it is recognized that punishment is interesting, the motor starts and the stick pops out mechanism.

Of course the futon is made special. "Futto-bun" AI "rWeave" is said to blow 250 times more than the conventional futon ... ...

It seems that a sewing data scientist sewed up while maintaining a soft sleeping feeling by inserting " a plate-like paper product processed to make the paperboard strong with a multilayer structure and used for packaging materials ".

The off-to-flying system where the futon blows off in response to an interesting punt is a crystal of various technologies. It was a development note that was surprised as "Is it possible for people with technical ability to tackle serious and interesting things so far?"

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