What is a work that newly joins the public domain of the United States from 2019?

by George Sharvashidze

The protection rights period of the United States has been changed several times in the past, and in 1998 the copyright protection period prescribed in "75 years" until that time extended to "95 years" it was done. Along with this change, the copyrighted work up to 1922 which had been 75 years since the presentation as of 1998 was already in the public domain , while the work published after 1923 has passed since 1995 There was a situation that it was not made public domain until it was done. For the period of 20 years in which the protection period extended since 1998, a period "there is no work to be newly public domainized" was born, but since the work published in 1923 from the year 2019 to the public domain It will be converted to.

For the First Time in More Than 20 Years, Copyrighted Works Will Enter the Public Domain | Arts & Culture | Smithsonian

Jennifer Jenkins, director of public domain research center at Duke University law school , said, "The public domain was frozen over 20 years, but the time has come to be thawed at last," said a new work We are welcoming to be added to the public domain.

What is added to the public domain is not limited to books such as books, but it actually contains hundreds of thousands of music, paintings, photos and movies. Artists, creators, writers and others can freely use works in the public domain, and the influence on the creation of culture is immeasurable. In addition, since the addition of a new public domain has been stopped in the United States since 1998, it seems interesting that a large amount of public domain will be added for the first time in the era when digital is rooted in society.

Walt Disney Company strongly urged the amendment of the copyright protection law in the United States before 1998. At that time, the work announced before 1978 was copyright protected for 75 years after the announcement, and it was supposed to be added to the public domain after that. About the work announced after 1979, it was supposed to be made into the public domain after the copyright was protected for 50 years after creator's death.

Disney's first film Mickey Mouse's movie " Steamboat Willy " was released in 1928, so if it went smoothly, it was planned to be public domain in 2004, Disney extended the copyright protection period As a result, as a result, the copyright protection period was extended for another 20 years as a result. As a result of the public domain introduction of the work published in 1922, it took twenty years before the work published in 1923 became a public domain.

What is newly added to the public domain from 2019 is a very well-known poem by American poet Robert Frost , " Pull me in the evening snow falling forest " ... ...

Zain Gray , a writer and playwright, depicted the persecution for Native American, " The Vanishing American (Disappearing American) "

A recipe book " A handbook of cookery for a small house " written by Jessie Conrad, the wife of novelist Joseph Conrad

A travel book by Arthur Conan Doyle who produced the world-wide detective Sherlock Holmes " Our American Adventure "

The African-American writer Willis Richardson wrote a script and theater " The Chip Woman's Fortune " depicting a family suffering from financial difficulties staged in Broadway

by Adib Roy

Women female novelist Willa Cazer lamented that the local culture and economy will homogenize " Nebraska (Nebraska) "

Including " The Real Story of a Bootlegger " that describes how criminals came up as millionaires among the abstinence regulations that came into effect in 1920.

by Taylor Robinson

In response to the signing of the TPP 11 Agreement in Japan, "Law to revise a part of the law concerning the development of related laws as a result of the conclusion of the Pacific Rim Partnership Agreement" was promulgated and the period of copyright protection was 50 years It was extended from 70 years. The new copyright protection law is enforced from 30th December 2018, and along with this, the Aozora bunko which digitizes and publishes the work which copyright has been annihilated will be added as the copyright expires soon It is in a situation to stop the publishing work of the work that was.


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