The result of comparing the performance of Amazon and Google cloud performance which is excellent overall

by Jason Blackeye

Among the "cloud providers" that Cockroach Labs offering cloud-based platforms and infrastructure such as "Cockroach DB" that can be used in multi clouds, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP ), And publish a report.

AWS Outperforms GCP in the 2018 Cloud Report | Cockroach Labs

As a test environment, GCP used " n1 - standard - 16 " which is "standard machine type with 16 vCPUs and 60 GB of memory" that we have used as a performance benchmark. Since AWS does not have an instance of 60 GB, an instance " c 5 d 4 xlarge " of 16 vCPUs and 32 GB of memory was chosen.

In Cockroach DB's " TPC-C " ( online transaction processing benchmark), we found that AWS has a 40% higher throughput than GCP. Cockroach Labs also said that the result was "I was surprised that AWS had such excellent results".

In Cockroach DB, as with c5d.4 xlarge, benchmarking is also carried out with m5d.4 xlarge, c5.4 xlarge, m5.4 xlarge which are 16 vCPU instances. As a result, it was confirmed that AWS outperformed GCP in almost all instances.

What followed was the CPU performance test, when we ran Stress-ng 5 times for each of AWS and GCP, we found that the throughput of AWS was 28% higher.

IPerf is used for network throughput measurement. As a result, while the GCP was 5.6 GB per second, the AWS showed an extremely high value of 9.6 GB per second

Even with latency measurements using PING , GCP was scattered with an average latency of 0.223 ms, whereas AWS had a low average latency of 0.057 msec, and also numerical values were stable, and network performance It was a result showing the height.

In addition, AWS showed a value that exceeds GCP in the I / O test.

If these contents are due to the difference in cost, AWS is more than GCP in terms of cost effectiveness, and Cockroach Labs says " AWS should be used for important workload " I have concluded.

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