Google announced it will cooperate with the large-scale development plan of Mountain View where headquarters is located

Google has a huge headquarters in the city of Mountain View , California, and many people work in Mountain View. It shows the intention of Google to cooperate in such a large-scale development project of Mountain View, and it was reported that in 2019 we will discuss with the city authorities.

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City of Mountain View - North Bayshore Precise Plan Bonus FAR

Google reveals North Bayshore Mountain View development plan

On Friday, December 7, 2018, a document on a large-scale development plan centered on the North Bay Shore district of Mountain View was released. The plan calls for a newly redeveloped office district with an area of ​​312,000 square feet (about 290,000 square meters), a public shopping area of ​​400,000 square feet (about 37,000 square meters), 35 acres to 8,000 new residential units (About 140,000 square meters) public spaces are scheduled to be constructed.

Of these, Google will become a partner developing 6,600 residential units, and we plan to offer 20% of the housing cooperating with development as a low price housing. Residents of low price are mainly allocated to employees who have relatively low salaries such as security guards, teachers, and nurses.

Google will cooperate closely with the city announced this time to carry out the development plan adopted by Mountain View City in 2017 and further realize development exceeding the plan. Michael Tymoff, Google's Mountain View Development Director, said: "We are hoping to focus on creating a public area that can be used without the use of cars, as the choices of housing increase as a result of Mountain View development." We are hoping that this area will be a "perfect neighborhood" for Google and its employees.

The compartment called Shoreline Commons, which is part of the North Bay Shore district to be developed, is jointly owned by Google and real estate company SyWest Development . At the moment both Google and SyWest Development do not agree with the master plan of the plan, it is expected that talks with the city authorities will be held in early 2019.

In addition to the construction of a new headquarters in the near future with a construction permission issued in 2017, Google has made at least 2.8 billion dollars (about 310 billion yen) in Mountain View City, Sunnyvale City and San Jose City in the past two years We purchase land as much as possible and we own large land in the vicinity of Silicon Valley. In addition, in December 2018, Google reported that San Jose had given permission to purchase more than 10 acres (about 40,000 square meters) of land at 110 million dollars (about 12.3 billion yen).

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