Headline news on 3rd December 2018

As a new product of "Nissin-yaki soba UFO", "Jalapeno smelling white cheddar cheese tasty-fried noodle" which combines white cheddar sauce and standard meal menu ingredients and halapeno will appear on Monday, December 17, 2018 . The "new sense of humor is a bomb," the price is 205 yen per meal.

"Nissin Yaki Soba UFO Oh Sheng Jalapeno Flavored White Cheddar Cheese Tasty Soba" (December 17 Release) | Nissin Food Group

By the way, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

A luxurious apple pie with almost one whole apple "I almost tried eating" whole "baked apple pie" - GIGAZINE

Movie to see the history of 60 years of evolution of the F1 steering wheel at once - GIGAZINE

Drone gun which gently capture method which is contrary to appearance makes Uri's drone immobile and captures - GIGAZINE

"The business of YouTube is the same as Nazi steals artworks," Tom Yokes of Radiohead criticizes hard - GIGAZINE

I tried Eva Shinkansen cake and black messenger curry at "500 TYPE EVA Cafe" - GIGAZINE

How government intelligence agencies are eavesdropping from submarine cables in the Internet - GIGAZINE

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Rapid cooling event destroying the oldest rice cultivation civilization in the world - Graduate School of Science, The University of Tokyo Graduate School of Science · Faculty of Science

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Signature on the document that we decided to pay after retirement is also not an official document | NHK News

According to the stakeholders, Kelly's former director created an agreement document that announced that it will pay the difference after the retirement from the actual remuneration of former president Kohle, but in response to the investigation by the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors' I understand that Mizuro admitted that I was signing every year by interviewing the stakeholders.

Meanwhile, Kelly, the former director of Kelly, asserted that "the document was prepared to hold the former president Ghosn to Nissan, but the official document was not decided but the remuneration after retirement was not decided", and denied the allegations with former president Ghosn That is to say.

U.S. summit unveiled temporary raise of tariff against China next January | NHK News

White House of the United States, Trump president and the results of the summit meeting by Xi Jinping Jintao of China, temporarily sanctions to raise tariffs on imports from China in January next year, announced that forgo. However, if we can not agree within 90 days in response to violations of intellectual property rights we could not meet, we are planning to raise tariffs and it is likely that difficult consultations will continue.

Even if you divorce custody for both sides "violation of constitution" My father appealed to the Supreme Court: Asahi Shimbun Digital

From court mediation to lawsuit. Tokyo court ruled this month that a mother living with a child is the custody owner. Without parental authority, it is not involved in children's education or management of property. "The sole custody system that robs one child from one's parents is an infringement of human rights, constitutional violation." The Tokyo High Court, which appealed in April this year, insisted so.

The high court ruling dismissed the appeal as saying "It is not unconstitutional simply because it is not co-custody." It is rare to fight to the Supreme Court in a divorce case, but if you gain custody you can meet children in equal fashion with your wife. The man appealed without hesitation.

Forest friends 800 million yen discount immediately after sale / 1.3 billion real estate appraisal / Mr. Miyamoto Takeshi senior executive pursuit

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Nurturing Nuclear Power Venture ... To Next-Generation Reactor Development: Economy: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

"God's medicine" arrested by president and wholesaler company cross-flowing to Chinese people | NHK News

Pope Francisco, homosexuals concerned about the influence on "latest epidemic" clergy Photo 3 international news: AFPBB News

Limits of being neither right nor left: France swaying in yellow vest (Akiji Rokitsuji) - Individual - Yahoo! News

A charred car in Paris abandoned ... Demonstration Team Saw Massacre 1 Dawn Damage Vividly | NHK News

Paris of the riot <Gillette Jonne>. What I saw while staying in the middle of it | West Bibliography - Paris Report -

More than 680 people arrested on a fuel tax opposition demonstration = mobsized, 1 person died - Buddha: current affairs dot com

Scientist's memo of atomic bomb development, auctioned in rice after auction Hiroshima, irritated discharge - Kyodo News | This kiji is

Australia covers serious labor shortages by youth working young working holiday and international students from developing countries (above) Australia bicycle & camping 2,000 km run 12th WEDGE Infinity (wedge)

Constitution / Mr. Yamao "The Abe administration, revolutionary while saying maintenance": Asahi Shimbun Digital

Seven, requesting merchants to remove ashtrays in Tokyo: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

In return, iPad, home tax payment surges Increase in city "Local products": Asahi Shimbun Digital

Deputy principal of drunkenness, urination at a female hot water wash place ... Student in a dressing room: Society: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

US President Bush declares the death of the East-West Cold War | NHK News

"Choose either abortion or forced return," pregnant clinical practitioner escaped: Asahi Shimbun Digital

"Super Tamade" founder arrested suspicion of receiving prostitution from gangsters side Osaka prefectural police - Sankei news

I lent a shrine used for prostitution to the executive side of the organized crime at the entertainment district of Nishinari-ku, Osaka-shi "Tojita Shinchi" and received a rent while knowing that it was sales of prostitution

After finding a false toxicity Missing 46 Residents: Hashimoto electronic version (Hokkaido Shimbun)

Video: Inauguration of Mexico New President, Left Lopes of Ladoll 1 pictures listed including poverty and corruption measures International News: AFPBB News

Highway road reinforcement worker suspected of lead poisoning Tokyo | NHK News

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Mori Ms. Mihiko Mori "I never eat again" A fighting story with a new novel: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Absurdity in membership fee "6,000 yen per person" ... income disparity surfaced at drinking party (1/2) <AERA> | AERA dot. (Aeradot)

【Breaking News】 "Nippon Kiki", unauthorized reprints are greatly tampered with fifth printing |

Voices sympathizing with people who are raised in Switzerland because they are difficult to communicate with people in Japan "I want to be careful when teaching people a thing" - Togetter

How to protect the traditional craft that occurs only at the Oonaku Festival "I want you to do it gently" "Should be delivered to the camera" Indeed the culture already in danger of succession - Togetter

Disaster cat 2 called the "rogue cat" Major change of a real world, to a sweetheart | sippo (Shippo) |

President's words for girls students accused of Chinese discrimination "Chinchon" at the French elite school are wonderful - Togetter

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2ch master Mr. Fujii Sota seventh, AMD · Ryzen7 used Next year to buy Zen 2

Mr. Raphael, a Youtube bar belonging to Kiii, introduced 80% yield on yield investment for no more than anything without any indication "Interestingly only" as an introduction: Market situation Kabu full force two stories

50 years since its appearance finally ... Pocket Bell next year end of service | NHK News

At the time of the Showa 43 era electromagnetic public corporation started the wireless paging service using the pager. Since it became possible to display numbers, the way of sending messages in a punctuated manner such as "Ohayou" at "0840" spread mainly around the young generation, and the number of subscribers exceeded 10 million units in 1996 in the Heisei era It was.

Thereafter, with the popularization of mobile phones, businesses withdrew a few times, and now one Tokyo Telecommunications Company, "Tokyo Tele Message", continues to provide services to approximately 1,500 people in the Kanto region.

It means that medical personnel are mainly using it because there is no electromagnetic wave generated and it has characteristics that it is easy to receive radio waves even in buildings.

However, this company decided to terminate the service at the end of September next year after finishing acceptance of new use in Heisei 20, we can not expect profit in the future.

From now on, we are striving to strengthen the disaster-prevention radio business for municipalities utilizing radio waves used in pagers.

President Hidetoshi Kinoino of Tokyo Tele Message said, "I was able to continue the service thanks to those who kept keeping my valuable use of the terminal so far, I am full of gratitude.I want to help Japan support disaster reduction in the future I am talking.

Tokyo Telematics Inc. | Pager (Magic Mail)

Notice of termination of pager (magic mail) service

Thank you very much for your patronage of our pager (Magic Mail) than usual. Twenty years have passed since discontinuing pager production. Thank you that we are still using it because all of you have carefully used pager terminals. It was once a pager who blew up in the early Heisei era, but now the number of users has also fallen below 1,500.

Although it is very disappointing, our company has continued only in our one prefecture (Tokyo, Saitama, Kanagawa, Chiba prefecture) as one opportunity that the terminal also has been 20 years since selling A pager (Magic Mail), a personal radio calling service, decided to terminate the service on September 30, 2019 (Monday).

Wireless calling service was communication that conveyed letters. In 1996 the number of contracts had exceeded 1.2 million. However, it peaked at the peak, it was replaced by "voice communication" such as mobile phones, and it declined rapidly. Although it was "character communication" surpassed by "voice communication", we are now "text communication", so we focus on information distribution service for local governments as a field where we can maximize the strength of reception power We are. Especially in the disaster prevention radio, reception power is the life line, it is a field in which the strength of the radio call is absolutely required.

Communication for disaster prevention radio is an area where failure is not permitted, meaning that we will terminate the radio paging service for individuals in order to concentrate our management resources on this.

I would like to express my gratitude, thank you for your understanding.

Finally, thanks to everyone's long-term use, we appreciate that we have not withdrawn from the radio paging business and have found a role in a new field.

Since I am hoping that all employees will work hard together in the new field in the future, please continue to look warmly. Thank you very much.

The pager (Magic Mail) radio calling terminal of one metropolitan prefecture subject to service termination is as follows.
Tokyo: Terminal of the calling telephone number starting with 03 Saitama ken: Terminal of the calling telephone number starting with 048 Chiba prefecture: Terminal of the calling telephone number starting with 043 Kanagawa prefecture: Terminal with calling telephone number starting with 044 and 045

Why does the uncle read NewsPicks - Koton - Medium

Do you know the Suggested change of GitHub? - BASE development team blog

Temporary registration notification disturbance of Sun Drag and its subsequent development - tike blog

NTT EAST's "provisional contract system" that is supposed to be refused for some reason cumbersome ... the voices of many victims - Togetter

Talking about what retirement entries to focus on is not an engineer's PC memory shortage

Thank you, MYM sleep peacefully - Yahoo! JAPAN Tech Blog

【Scoop】 Selling "nonexistent room" overseas major accommodation site Karakuri in the year-end and New Year holidays "No room" problems concerned also massive concerns - Travel media "Traicy"

Hyper parameter automatic optimization tool "Optuna" released | Preferred Research

Notice on New Company Name

We decided to change the company name to "Dynabook Co., Ltd." as of January 1, 2019.

In 1985, we introduced the world's first laptop PC "T1100" to the market, and in 1989 released the world's first notebook PC "DynaBook J-3100 SS001" comfortably out of the computer I realized the style of the current notebook PC, that I can bring it out. Since then, we have been striving to provide products and services that are close to people, expand the functionality, based on the latest technical capabilities, quality capabilities and product capabilities. We will continue to offer new value through "evolution", "fusion" and "proposal". So we will start a new start with the name of "Dynabook Co., Ltd." as well as our past and the future that will open up in the future.

Increase feelings with VR's time stamp using Oculus Go - freee Developers Blog

I participated in Adobe MAX Japan 2018! - Gunosy Tech Blog

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Published February 9, 2019 "Code Geass Lelouch of the Lelouch" Theater Trailer 2nd (90 sec) - YouTube

"Mobile Suit Gundam NT" beginning 23 minutes - YouTube

TV animation "Boogie Pop does not laugh" PV 2nd bullet - YouTube

TV animation "We can not study" the first PV - YouTube

TV animation "living quarters knees, sometimes, heads up." Books - YouTube

January 2019 New No. "Grimm Notes The Animation" 1st PV - YouTube

Frame Arms · Girl ~ Cha - kyoufutifu wonderland ~ Special information PV - YouTube

New animation original animation 【RobiHachi】 First bulletizer - YouTube

Movie "Dragon Ball Ultra Bloomer" Godzilla participation notice - YouTube

Zombie Land Saga Holy Land Pilgrimage 【Western-style special edition】: Nagisa Blog

"Kemono Friends 2" Interview with Ryuichi Kimura Director! - Akiba Research Institute

When I saw the movie "Confession Executive Committee" I understood the reason why animation from Bocaro is boring - Film criticism space by Tokunaga

A man who my father was eating at a thousand and Chihiro Nunume ___ ___ 0

# My animal doctor Syndrome Everyone remembers that scene one after another "Can I wear a casio mini" "Nibai is Nikaido" - Togetter

Yoshihiko Yasuhiko "Vinas Senki" has been a sealant for many years - NEWS | Ota Publishing Kettle News

At "Manga Library Z", the profits that authors obtain are drastically reduced? ~ The reason is "Manga Village" the bad influence of the riot? What? - Togetter

"Revue Starlight" Broadcast Launch Interview - Part 2 - Akiba Research Institute

lovelive! Sunshine !! TV Series Special PV (90 seconds ver.) - YouTube

Growth of the Board Game Market as seen from the Planning Store and What I Need to Aim for - Pen and Dice - Pen and dice - BLOG

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M - 1 Morning morning star winning! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! : Anything stadium @ N J summary

"M-1 Grand Prix 2018" Impressive sentence - ← Zeisho →

【M-1】 Are you dissatisfied with the score of Tachikawa Shiraku and Uemumuma Emiko? Analysis of trends of all judges and results when there were no two people: Reports of the reporter

【M-1】 Tonto salmon Kubota and Tsutomu Takechi, Uemurum Emiko rage or "Do not judge only by emotion" "Obahan of menopausal disorder": Ninja report

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Almond × Strawberry milk unexpected delicious "Almond chocolate strawberry milk pouch" New release for a limited time from December 4

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