Apple executives 'iPhone XR always keeps top sales since launch' and appealed the iPhone XR's strong performance

iPhone XR was released on October 26, 2018 as an iPhone which can be obtained at a more affordable price while omitting functions such as 3D Touch and dual lens camera from the top model iPhone XS . IPhone XR, which is said to be unresponsive in some reports, Greg Joswiak, Vice President of Product Marketing at Apple, commented that iPhone XR is the most popular iPhone since its launch, and sales of iPhone XR are out of stock Denied.

Apple says the iPhone XR has been top-selling iPhone since launch - CNET

Greg Joswiak addresses rumors of slow iPhone XR sales - 9to 5Mac

In September of 2018, Apple announced three new iPhones called iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR. The top models iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max started selling on September 21 but the iPhone XR was released on October 26, one month behind.

According to Apple's announcement in the fourth quarter of 2018 released in early November 2018, iPhone's sales have increased by 29%, although iPhone sales volume has remained almost unchanged compared with the same period last year. In addition, sales of iPhone XR were not built in this settlement of accounts. Therefore, although it was drawing attention as to what the iPhone XR's sales volume is like, Apple announces that it will cancel the announcement of sales volume next fiscal year.

Apple will achieve record sales for the first time after the release of the "iPhone XS" series but the stock price declines, from the next term to cancel sales announcement - GIGAZINE

Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported that it reduced the number of production for all three models of iPhone that Apple released in 2018, some of whom had iPhone sales better than the past Voices worried that there is nothing are raised.

Apple also cuts production of "iPhone XS" that is selling poorly, while also viewing expectations for Apple's sales itself - GIGAZINE

Joswiak told CNET's interview that "iPhone XR has become the most popular iPhone model since its launch." In addition, iPhone XR touched on the fact that Product Red was added to the color variation at the time of release for the first time in the iPhone series, and because iPhone XR is the most mainstream product of Apple, it is the most popular iPhone XR and the Product Red model We are offering it. However, I did not mention whether there is a schedule of selling Product Red models with iPhone XS / iPhone XS Max.

Jaswiak refuses to comment on President Donald Trump 's saying, "It may impose a 10% customs duty on iPhones and laptops imported from China ."

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