A tool that can track and attack the target device in real time 'trape'

Internet security researcher Jose Pino has developed a tool called " trape " that allows real-time social engineering attacks on the target to track the location of the device in real time.

GitHub - jofpin / trape: People tracker on the Internet: OSINT analysis and research tool.

"Trape" is a tool for tracking and attacking people on the Internet, enabling investigations called open source intelligence (OSINT), which conducts spy activities by investigating and analyzing published information sources Then it is.

For Pino trape said that it has developed, the security conference, which was held in 2018 BlackHat Asia 2018 presented at was conducted .

trape first creates a fake URL similar to the existing service. Then send a link to the target by e-mail or message, so that it works when the target caught on a fake URL.

The shortest route between the target you want to track and yourself can be displayed in real time and you will be able to display a new route each time you or the other party moves. It is said that the target device will not be able to skip using location information and bypass the browser to obtain secret information. It is said that tracking accuracy in real time boasts 99%, and trape seems to send a notification when you approach your target.

trape can not only secretly obtain the target's credential information by launching a phishing attack but also can obtain information on the network that the target is accessing (line speed and other devices connected to the same network) .

Moreover, it seems that we can remotely check various services to which the target is connected, so it seems that we can easily analyze personal information such as what kind of service the target is using .

As a trigger to develop trape, Mr. Pino as a trigger to teach "a large-scale Internet company can control users via information on use of websites and services and how easy it is to track location information and obtain information" It is said that it was. Pino also says that the objective of analyzing cyber criminals now to help counter measures is now the reason for trape development.

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