How did each category of online bulletin board / Reddit grow?


Reddit , an online bulletin board, users can freely create a place (sub-redit) where they want to have a place where they can talk about these things. The survey results are visualized and published as to how the sub-ready has increased in the rough categorization.

The Growth of Reddit-QuillBot Blog

This is the result of QuillBot, a developer of AI “smart thesaurus” that realizes word replacement, in the process of analyzing a large amount of natural language data and finding the optimal data that can be used for algorithm training.

As of December 2005, Reddit has only one sub-ready, and the number of monthly comments seems to be a little 1000.

One year later, as of December 2006, the sub-redit was 24. However, the number of monthly comments has increased to over 60,000.

As of December 2007. With 31 sub-redits, the “news / politics” genre is growing. The number of monthly comments is over 360,000, 6 times the previous year.

As of December 2008. The number of sub-redits increased to 1103 and the number of comments reached 850,000. In addition to “News / Politics”, “AskReddit” has started to stand out.

In December 2009, AskReddit became more popular than directly under Reddit. In short, AskReddit is a “wisdom bag”, and the popular content “IAmA ( “But there are some questions?” ) Started to show up.

As of December 2010. Various categories are growing and it feels like 'a variety of genres are exciting'.

Until October 2011, “” earned a reasonable number of comments, but it suddenly dropped in November and disappeared from the figure. Is it due to the enhancement of sub-redits? Around this time, the number of monthly comments exceeded 10 million.

In 2014, there were 35,000 sub-redits and more than 40 million comments per month.

The latest data is from June 2018, with sub-redits surpassing 100,000. The number of monthly comments is over 100 million.

Click on an individual subready to see the number of comments per month. For example, in June 2018 “AskReddit” had 5.34 million comments. Around 2010, the number of monthly comments for Reddit.

'Soccer' has 1.64 million monthly comments ...

“NBA” has 1.52 million monthly comments. You can see that soccer is a bit more exciting.

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