A way to raise happiness just by doing only 10 minutes a day

by Ben White

With only six easy questions, BBC says, "If you go only for 10 minutes a day in order to be happy you can improve your daily happiness in less time than you can drink a cup of cup of coffee, OK spiritual exercise "is introduced.

BBC - Future - How a daily 10 - minute exercise could boost your happiness

Whether you are being diagnosed with psychosis or not, the daily stress will easily abate the degree of happiness in your life. In such a stressful modern society, it is called " positive psychology " that can be a solution to survive stress and live happier more. Sandy Man, a lecturer at the University of Central Lancashire in England, introduces ways to incorporate positive psychology in the daily unforgettable time.

Mr. Man suggests asking himself the following six questions as a way to increase happiness in daily life. These six questions were created based on an enormous amount of scientific research and are to reevaluate ourselves in a short time of day.

1: As ordinary events of daily life are acceptable, what kind of experience gave him joy?
2: What kind of praise or feedback did you receive?
3: When was the moment when I felt purely fortunate?
4: No matter how small it is, what is your achievement?
5: What makes you feel appreciation to yourself?
6: How did you express tenderness so far?

It is a spiritual exercise recommended by Mr. Man that inquires of the above 6 questions every day and reevaluates what kind of feelings he himself has in the day. By taking a little time every day, it seems possible to change your own way of thinking slowly. When my mood falls, I will lose sight of the right path for myself easily, but I think that by asking my heart to the daily happiness and gratitude, not to lose sight of yourself with stress or depression, these six questions That 's why.

by Lidya Nada

According to Mr. Mr., although the question of these six questions will not immediately make you realize any benefits, the possibility that you will be able to cope well with the difficult situation you will visit in the future It is said that there is enough. When a bad event occurs by associative memory , humans fall into a dark feeling, they recall other unfortunate events or feel stressed, but if Mr. Mun 's six questions are being carried out, It will be easy to get out of a spiritual vicious cycle. In other words, Mr. Man 's six questions are not endlessly troubled by daily stress, but it is a daily routine to turn his attention to himself and to switch to a positive as soon as a negative event occurs Training.

Especially the sixth question seems to have been set based on the latest research on kindness. According to the latest survey, it is clear that selfless acts not only increase surrounding happiness but also lead to raising their own mood. For example, spending a little money to help strangers seems to lead to much greater happiness than treating themselves with the same amount of money, and based on such scientific evidence, He advocates six questions.

by Kira auf der Heide

There are six questions based on scientific research, but doing these does not result in drastic changes, people who suffer from depression need to take professional medical practices, Man He insists. However, those who are not diagnosed as severe clinical symptoms but who feel stressed or become depressed day by day drown, by reassessing the days with 6 questions, returning to a brighter feeling It is possible to do.

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