WikiLeaks reveals the location of Amazon's data center enveloped in mystery, also releases a map

WikiLeaks revealed the exact location of the data center (cloud-based server) operated by Amazon that had been wrapped in a veil so far. Amazon data centers distributed in 15 cities in nine countries seem to be installed in Tokyo and Osaka as well.

WikiLeaks - Amazon Atlas

WikiLeaks succeeded in obtaining Amazon's "confidential internal document". This is a document concerning the location and operation of more than 100 data centers set across 15 cities in nine countries. This document is also published on the above page.

Survey has been made that Amazon, which reigns as the world's largest cloud provider by AWS, accounts for 34% of the world's cloud infrastructure service market, but its location and operation details have not been disclosed. At best, information leaks only when cloud infrastructure fails due to natural disasters and other problems, Amazon hides information about cloud infrastructure. According to WikiLeaks, data center companies are often in the form of separate companies, and it is difficult to know the existence of Amazon behind company information.

However, according to WikiLeaks, Amazon, one of the few companies accredited as a cloud for hosting sensitive information in the US, has created a cloud to manage information classified as highest classified with the CIA I have signed a contract of 100 million dollars (about 66 billion yen). In addition, in 2017, Amazon provided a cloud service that manages confidential information of a wide range of organizations including companies called " AWS Secret Region " and a GovCloud region of the US government's purveyor, It is becoming a cow. Therefore, it seems that WikiLeaks thinks that disclosing information on Amazon's data center is a public-interest activity.

Bidding for the US Department of Defense and the US Department of Defense to approach 10 billion dollars (about 1.100 trillion yen) is coming, but other companies like Oracle and IBM say "Amazon has an unfair advantageous position in bidding competition In order to appeal that Amazon solely received orders under huge contracts, so that WikiLeaks encourages research into Amazon's data center and strengthens surveillance, it has released the location of Amazon's data center so is.

That way, you can check the location of Amazon's data center which WikiLeaks made public on the following site.

WikiLeaks - Map of Amazon's Data Centers

On the map are Amazon data centers around the world are displayed with pins. It is also possible to narrow the range by clicking the city name. Click "Tokyo" (Tokyo) ......

We were able to confirm the location of the data center in the vicinity of Tokyo in 8 places.

For example, a pin in Toyosu in Koto ward. The location of the company " EQUINIX " is specified.

In Osaka, "EQUINIX OS 1" data center and others located in Yotsubashi in Chuo Ward were hit.

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