Linux distribution 'WLinux' optimized for running on Windows 10 appeared

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Windows 10 has a compatibility layer " Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)" that runs binary programs for Linux on Windows 10 and Windows Server, and many Linux distributions are available at the Microsoft Store I will. Meanwhile, the Linux distribution optimized for WSL " WLinux " was released from the Microsoft Store.

WLinux | A Linux distro optimized for WSL based on Debian.

New Linux distro more designed for Windows comes to the Microsoft Store - MSPoweruser

WSL was originally offered as a beta version, but it became one of the official functions in version 10, version 1709 (build 16299) of Windows 10. In addition, it was possible to download and install Linux distributions such as Ubuntu and Debian from the Microsoft Store.

WLinux is a Debian-based distribution and Whitewater Foundry, who developed it, is "optimized for WSL, so it will be quick to apply patches to security and compatibility issues between distributions and WSL "I said.

According to Whitewater Founry, WLinux has the following features.

· It is a high-speed Linux terminal and development environment for developers and professional users built on WSL on Windows 10.

· Development tools including git · neovim · Python 3 etc. are pre-installed, and additional packages can be installed easily via "apt" which is Debian package management system.

· You can use almost any Linux graphical application immediately without setting display or libGL. However, Windows based X clients such as X410 are required.

- A set of open source utilities " wslu " for interacting between Linux and Windows 10 has already been installed.

· Wlinux will patch WSL specific bugs faster than existing distributions.

· We plan to add new functions based on community concern using vulnerability incentive system (Bug Bounty).

- For stability and security, systemd etc. are deleted as an unnecessary package.

The WLinux distribution is charged for a fee, and it is 2350 yen including tax in the Microsoft Store, but you can purchase it for 1000 yen as a discount price until October 21, 2018.

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