Two people diagnosed as unable to walk again in the lower half of the body successfully walked again using the implantable device

A man and a woman, who had been declared that the possibility of becoming able to walk again is damaged due to an accident by damaging the spinal cord and falling below the lower half of the body, by wearing an implantable nerve stimulation device, It is reported that it was done.

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In the case of a person whose spinal cord was damaged due to a traffic accident or the like, it was thought that recovery is very difficult once, but recently it is becoming possible to recover in some form due to technological progress.

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Reported this time is Jeff Marquis who broke his neck in an accident in mountain bike and paralyzed down from the chest to the bottom and encountered an accident in which he is on a bicycle and makes a half turn and a road from the top of the head It is a case of Kelly Thomas who received a severe sentence from the doctor as a doctor said, "The probability of walking again is not 0%, but it is about 1 to 2%."

According to Susan Halkema, Deputy Director of the Center for Spinal Cord Injury Research at the University of Louisville Kentucky, there is no "real cure" for this kind of injury, but it can not be restored to the condition before injury, but daily living is greatly improved It is possible to do.

Mr. Marquis and Mr. Thomas used a nerve stimulating device that is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for pain management. According to Harukema, the spinal cord is more independent from the brain than it was thought. A case like "Neckless chicken microphone" which survived for 18 months even when the neck was cut off is because signals are sent to the muscles irrespective of the brain, and already rats that have damaged the spinal cord are used According to the studies I knew, I was able to move my legs by applying stimulation to the spinal cord from the outside.

"Although I was able to walk on my own feet", two people still need assistance from a trainer. Still, Mr. Marquis finds hope in life "I want to return to school and find a new career".

In addition, although the two successful cases were announced together with the name this time, even Mayo Clinic, which is known as a particularly excellent medical institution in the US, an anonymous patient is receiving similar treatment Walking training is on YouTube.

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