Expansion by 30% or more & New digital crown 'Apple Watch Series 4' opening ceremony & appearance review

" Apple Watch Series 4 " which is the latest model of Apple 's Smart Watch "Apple Watch" was released on September 21, 2018. Apple Watch Series 4 has changed the screen from 30% or more, and the digital crown used for the operation has changed to a new design, how much model changes are made from the Apple Watch Series 3, compared to the appearance It was.

Apple Watch Series 4 - Apple (Japan)

The outer box of Apple Watch Series 4 looks like this.

The package is carved with the Apple Watch logo.

The back side of the outer box looks like this. Removing the left and right round nails ... ...

Pakari and packages will open. On the inside of the package, there were several colorful illustrations of Apple Watch Series 4 drawn.

Inner box containing belt and Apple Watch Series 4 body. Until the Apple Watch Series 3, it was fitted in a box with the watch attached, but from the Apple Watch Series 4 the main unit and the belt are stored separately. Illustrations of flat design are drawn in each box.

First of all, we opened the inner box of the main body. The contents are Apple Watch Series 4 main body · magnetic charging cable · AC adapter · instructions. In the case of the manual, the letter of the customized "Designed by Apple in California" is written.

The main body was contained in a case made of cloth.

This review uses a 40 mm stainless steel case. The color is "New Gold" added in Apple Watch Series 4.

One of the points evolved from the Apple Watch Series 3 is the digital crown. The digital crown whose center was painted red was a design that treated a red circle. The central metal part has a built-in sensor and it is used to monitor the electrocardiogram.

Weighs only 40 g of Apple Watch Series 4 body

The band is Stone Sports Band

When set to a band, the weight was 70 g.

Apple Watch Series 4 (left) side by side with Apple Watch Series 3 silver aluminum case · 42 mm (right). Not only did the design change in the digital crown, Apple Watch Series 4 is slightly smaller. Also, in Apple Watch Series 4, a microphone is placed between the digital crown and the side button.

I looked at the left side. In Apple Watch Series 4, the arrangement of speakers has changed as microphones are placed on the right side. It is said that the microphone has moved, making it difficult to cause howling.

When looking at the screen from directly above, the Apple Watch Series 4 has a metal part slimmer than the Apple Watch Series 3, and the display occupies a larger proportion. Therefore, there are differences in sizes of 40 mm and 42 mm, but the screen of Apple Watch Series 4 does not seem narrow.

The sensor which measures the heart rate also big changes the model. In the Apple Watch Series 3 there were four measuring diodes, one in Apple Watch Series 4.

I'm planning on posting this after actually using Apple Watch Series 4, so please look forward to it.

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