The drilling company of Earon Mask utilizes the Xbox controller for tunnel making

Eleon Mask, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, is also directing the " Boring Company " project to drill tunnels for mobility in the underground of urban areas. The topic Boring Company is demonstrating in the movie that it is operating with the controller for Xbox.

The state of using the Xbox controller to manipulate the machine is published on Mask CEO 's Twitter.

Mask CEO's tweet has a comment "Best video game ever" (the best game ever).

There are not many cases where game controllers are diverted to operation of various machines, but Mashable predicts that "Because there will probably be a dedicated controller, the mask CEO first-class performance".

In addition, the Boring Company of a long-term project that needs a huge amount of expenses needs to operate the project while financing, and in the past also masked CEOs such as selling flamethrowers (something) I have nothing to do with making.

Ellon Mask 's Flamethrower "Not a Flame Radiator" 1000 units handed over to Buyer' s Hand - GIGAZINE

However, I can confirm the frank impression of Mask CEO, such as "The flamethrower was a terrible idea" at around 2 minutes of the following movie or "I do not know if the Boring Company will succeed".

Joe Rogan Experience # 1169 - Elon Musk - YouTube

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