How to breathe in and make bigger bubbles?

There are many people who experienced having fought for baptism with friends when they were children and fighting "Which can make big bubbles," and how many times they did not win against the opponent. In fact how can you make big bubbles? It was shown by research teams such as Life Liloff, who is assistant professor at the Coolant Mathematical Science Research Center of New York University.

Phys. Rev. Lett. 121, 094501 (2018) - Equilibrium Shapes and Their Stability for Liquid Films in Fast Flows

Scientists reveal the formula to blowing the perfect bubble every time | Daily Mail Online

The research team can prepare the largest bubbles when each ring receives the wind when seven stages of wind up to 10 cm per second are prepared by preparing a ring from 1 cm to 3 cm dipped in soap bubble juice It was verified.

As a result of the experiment, it turned out that a larger bubble ball can be generated by continuously sending a stable wind of 6.9 cm per second for each ring. It was revealed that if wind was sent stronger than 6.9 cm / s, it would rupture before becoming soap bubbles.

According to the research team, "When using wind of 6.9 cm per second, large bubbles can not be made unless the wheel diameter is 4 cm." It turned out that the bubbles became small or burst immediately in the middle of bulging when the diameter became larger than 4 cm.

Mr. Listloff says, "This is a technique to make soap bubbles practiced by many children," he says, "By applying this research result, we will improve the quality and productivity of spray types that produce bubbles It can also be useful ".

The research team of Mr. Liloff et al. Has released a movie of the situation at the time of the experiment and it is possible to check how the bubble can be made with the feeling.

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