Headline news on September 4, 2018

From Lotteria September 13, 2018 (Thursday), 9 Japanese style sweets will be released for autumn. The breakdown consists of " sweet potato (sweet potato flavor) " which made sweet potato sweetness and butter flavor active in popular "furu potte", " furu potte (black Mitsukinaki taste) " spreading the flavor of black nectar and rice flour , " Anpotato pie " using Anno potato sauce, " Hojimachi Latte (Ice · Hot) ", " Uji Matcha Latte (Ice Hot) ", " Tapioca Roja Late (Ice) " " Tapioca Uji Matcha Latte (Hot ) ".

By the way, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

A number of rental camera equipment that became useless by photographing the total solar eclipse - GIGAZINE

What is the degree of deterioration of "battery" that can determine the life of Tesla Model S? - GIGAZINE

HDD containing unpublished works of science fiction writer is destroyed by steam roller according to will - GIGAZINE

Cronzy Pen "which can use 16 million colors by extracting colors from touched ones - GIGAZINE

How to live a life that is mediocratic but happy and satisfying - GIGAZINE

Nine scientific methods to do to maximize the efficiency of study - GIGAZINE

Why do you feel that "it is always congested only in the way that you chose?" - GIGAZINE

Possibility that a fake mobile phone base station is eavesdropping smaho's communication - GIGAZINE

Design aimed to deceive users "Dark pattern" Various - GIGAZINE

Vegetus "Vegetable Factory" I saw the next generation style of stable supply of vegetables at the Kameoka Plant - GIGAZINE

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The vibrator that we brought together for many years has melted.

◆ Science (science · academic · technology)
One piece 300 million yen "Egg of gold" to produce mass production by genetic editing of chickens: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Human beings have evolved from multiple groups and have included diversity from the beginning: research findings | WIRED.jp

Humanity has evolved from a single group in Africa. This idea that was long-standing accepted has been overturned in recent research. According to a newly published paper, human beings living in scattered all over Africa from the beginning, he said that they independently invented tools such as stoneware. What is the content of the new research that made the history of human evolution much more complex?

Minotaur 's labyrinth, real existence = US researcher' s latest survey "conclusion": current affairs dot com

The labyrinth that the monster humanoid monster Minotaros was confined in Greek myth, does not exist. A U.S. researcher concluded with the latest survey, and the paper was published in the American archeology journal. The British newspaper Times reported so much.

Osaka · Shimamoto: Experts pointed out that biological phase surveys are automatically disposable avoided - Mainichi Shimbun

Osaka Prefecture It was revealed that the results of the biota examination which investigated all types of organisms inhabiting Shimamoto Town were on the verge of discarding on the assumption that the document storage period specified by the town was reached. As experts requested information disclosure as "very valuable for survey targeting all species," the town changed its policy and stopped abandoning.

Higgs confirmed particle collapse, elucidate the origin of mass of substance | National Geographic Japan version site

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Typhoon 21, a street tree collapsed, window split by wind pressure, re-landed in Kobe: Asahi Shimbun Digital

A tanker with a total length of 89 m, drifted by a crashing strong wind to the Kansai International Bridge: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Prime Minister "Led Japan to Create International Rules for Labor and Environment" | NHK News

From abolishing employment rules = starting in the spring of 2009 - Joined Keidanren chairman: current affairs dot com

Hiroaki Nakanishi, Keidanren Hiroaki Nakanishi said at a news conference Thursday, on the recruitment activities of students who joined the company since the spring of 2021, a job hunting rule (such as guidelines on recruitment screening ) To announce the intention to abolish. Mr. Nakanishi questioned the current employment practices such as collective recruitment of new graduates after stating that "Keidanren has a sense of incongruity in controlling the adoption schedule."

"Do you want to recruit from a first year student? Abolishment of employment guidelines, surprising universities: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Kohei Takahara interview (4) <dot.> | AERA dot. (Aeradot)

Until now, there was a feeling of "a strong driver of the history" such as having a doctorate consecutive chairperson of the core school, and having been withdrawn, many times arrested history, etc. Mr. Takahara passed seriously to the University of Tokyo and was arrested There is nothing.

The core faction has been regarded as an antisocial group from past activities. That's right. Will they remain like the old one and are trying to cause a violent revolution? I asked Mr. Takahara a new leader of the core and the university.

Investment fraud case of Kefir Business Promotion Council, total debt totaling 105.3 billion yen, beyond the imposing "yen heaven": market situation full power two stories

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport "There is not anyone who came by JR" Mayor Abashiri "I came in the first train" Route reconsideration Problem at the meeting Refusal: Petty electronic version (Hokkaido Shimbun)

At the meeting that the local government along the Kashiwa line, Hanasaki line opened in Kushiro city on March 3, about the problem of reviewing the route of JR Hokkaido, the head of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport's Daiichi Ishihara / Railway Business Division said " I think that there are few people who have used it. "Yuichi Mizutani mayor of Abashiri said," I came from Abashiri at the beginning of departure at 6:41 am, a one-sided comment " .

The prime minister's speech is criticizing the opposition party 'against constitutional protection', lawmakers of the LDP are also confused - Kyodo News

U.S. media coverage of US President Trump 's "Pearl Harbor" It is found that the date and time, location and context are quite different. Government official revealed - Sankei news

TBS employee abduction charges, did you get acquainted with the girl through SNS: Asahi Shimbun Digital

"Overslept" High speed 175 kilometers women police inspection document sent NOIGO | NHK News

Suruga Silver, 50 billion yen loan to the founders company Financial Services Agency problematic: Nikkei newspaper

Keihan strongest legend Keihan Train, first lost to typhoon No. 21 due to a full train service notice: Market situation Kabu full force two stories

2 days after getaway "Do not show it to the enemy" To acquaintance: Letter: Society: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

JNN public opinion survey, Prime Minister Abe and Mr. Ishiro compete in presidential election TBS NEWS

Reuters journalists imprisoned seven-year sentencing judgment Rohin Gya murdered: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Documents of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry "Individual remarks are unnecessary for recording", Voices of other ministries are questionable: Asahi Shimbun Digital

◆ Lifestyle (life, life, health)

A story that he became a pupil of "Love Doll Sennin" who lives in the outback of China | Bun Ho Online

60-year-old living with 8 love dolls in a house of 200 square meters


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High school: "Information department" faculty, nearly 40% with health sports education, music license - Mainichi Newspaper

Education of Sparta by Professor AI who does not pass "I understand it" | Forbes JAPAN (Forbes Japan)

Decide unit price for freelance engineers

I read "OSS license textbook" - memorandum

Try the AWS IoT enterprise button - a biased linguist's follow-up

Education of Sparta by Professor AI who does not pass "I understand it" | Forbes JAPAN (Forbes Japan)

Do you have blocking? Contrary to the discussion about pirated sites Contents: depth reading channel: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE) 1/3

"Blocking" in which telecommunications carriers (providers) block access to pirated sites. The government's review meeting is in confusion over the pros and cons of the legislation. A schedule to set out an interim summary plan with just three months of discussion has been set up and studies have been conducted at an exceptional speed, but opinions agree and disagree do not clash together. Under these circumstances, the committee has criticized the progress of the secretariat's proceedings as "there is blocking".

Google Japan Blog: Google Assistant is bilingualized

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TV animation "Boogie Pop does not laugh" Tizar PV - YouTube

the pillows "Star overhead" "Spiky Seeds" x theatrical version "Furikuri Altana / Progress" animation MV - YouTube

"Welcome this world - Final Remix-" final trailer - YouTube

Apology "Kemono Friends" New Unit Auditions About Unauthorized Reproduction of Lineups | Age Global Networks | Age Global Networks Corporation

This time, I received an indication that the dialogue I was adopting for audition application is unauthorized reprint at the "Kemono Friends" New Unit Audition special site. As a result of investigation, we confirmed the facts pointed out, and we immediately deleted that line from the special site.
Although we were paying more attention than usual, we apologize from the bottom of our hearts that we deeply regret that we were in such a situation due to lack of confirmation to the copyright owner due to our carelessness.
In future, we will do thorough compliance with laws and ordinances such as copyright, we will do our utmost to prevent recurrence so as not to have such a thing like this.

About the context of Sato Hyuga playing Hoshi Juna ~ From the Girl Opera Revue Sturlight ~ - Not to be pickled twice

"Anthem" Official Cinematic Trailer - YouTube

"Marvel's Spider-Man" enemy Spiderman of the citizen! What? Rampage in the street - YouTube

"Marvel's Spider-Man" enemy Spiderman of the citizen! What? Hero Care Story - YouTube

"Dunkira !!! - Boys, be DANCING! -" Promotion Movie - YouTube

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I examined players whose contracts will expire for several years this season: Nikkan Yakiru Quick Bulletin @ Baseball Summary

It was a runoff to the third that the batter batted in the 9th back, 1 out battle base that greeted with a 3 to 3 equal tie. Theory first throws it to the home and stops goals but it fails as a result of aiming at the go-to at the third base to the first base, and it makes it to good-bye.

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Flavor of rich french fries! "Ami-na · Chicken consomme taste" New release

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