Headline news on August 22, 2018

It became clear that the 2nd chapter " Bet Kegloi × × " of the animation "Bet Keegui" is scheduled to be broadcast from January 2019.

The original is Gangan JOKER serial series work. Set aside at private private Hakuen Kao Gakuen where many influential parents of political and business affairs go, appearance is a clean beautiful girl that looks pleasant in "actually taking risk" that looks beautiful "Bet Kegeului" · depicts the fight of insanity that Mr. Snake Yumako will fly I will. The drama version starring Mihama Hamabe has also enjoyed popularity, and in the spring of 2019 broadcasting of "Bet Keeguri season 2" and "Movie Bet Kegelui" are decided to be released.

© Homura Kawamura, Toru Nakamura / SQUARE ENIX · "Bet Keegui × ×" Production Committee

By the way, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

The terminal "ADM 3 A" used to develop the text editor "vi" had the key "HERE IS" not present in modern keyboard - GIGAZINE

Health effects due to excessive sitting can not be recovered by normal exercise - GIGAZINE

Attorney's identity to protect anonymous hacker group 'Anonymous' - GIGAZINE

A breakthrough greenhouse "Nemo's Garden" dramatically speeding up the growth rate of crops at the bottom of the ocean - GIGAZINE

New hacking method to decrypt encrypted data from potential change of PC appeared - GIGAZINE

Whole body penetrating scanner at the airport that can be seen through the pants can easily pass through with weapons - GIGAZINE

Information found on submarine cables turned out to be intercepted and sold to intelligence agencies - GIGAZINE

Ichiro achieved 4,000 hits for Japan and the US - GIGAZINE

I went to a library "ALEC" that can enjoy a cafe while reading a book before lending - GIGAZINE

I went to the Fujiko · F · Fujio Art Museum in Kawasaki City packed with SF (little mysterious) - GIGAZINE

"The hardest Sudoku in the world" created by a mathematical expert in three months - GIGAZINE

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Because of the heat wave? Small 3 boys who die 15% during semi-emergence Free study: Kyoto newspaper

I pulled all the water from the pond ... Inokashira Ike dragonfly increased: Environment: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

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"Unexpected" by the National Tax Agency "Tax-Free Insurance" Generated by Nippon Life Insurance: Asahi Shimbun Digital

"Never swim" T-shaped artificial cape persistent water trouble: Society: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

"Group beaten" lies report, 3 boys and girls documents sent: society: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology dismantle private private support business - Kyodo News

Surge in employment of persons with disabilities, thousands of employees Multiple government offices have real employment of 0% units - Kyodo News

Where has Greece rebuilt - the answer is "still more" | World | latest articles | Newsweek Japan Official Site

Suruga Bank Stop Safety Inappropriate Loan To 1 Trillion Yen Scale: Money News 2 ch

CNN.co.jp: Iran, "First domestic fighter aircraft" show off preparation for public defense public

2.5 million people in the eastern part of the capital, evacuation plans in other prefectures ... At the time of major flooding: Society: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

On the 22nd, Koto Ward 5 areas (Sumida, Koto, Adachi, Katsushika, Edogawa) spreading zero meters above sea level have a hazard map assuming a flood and a wide-area evacuation plan calling for residents to pre-evacuate neighboring prefectures I announced. In the worst case, it is expected that more than 90% will be submerged, and evacuate about 2.5 million people to other prefectures such as Saitama and Chiba. Evacuation plan to other prefectures due to flood damage is unusual. The ward officials said, "In order to minimize damage, I changed the idea of ​​evacuation."

Mr. Trump tells outstanding charge and ex-lawyer, former executive of the camp convicted verdict | Reuters

Deer appears in a residential area Wild or police officers capture Tokyo · Tachikawa: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Tokyo deathbed police officers capture in the center of Tokyo Tachikawa city | NHK News

One deer hopped in the center of Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo, surrounded by police officers and others who ran into the premises of the building, caught it by noon.

A male passed by midnight Monday morning, Tokyo and National Council North Chitose 3 - chome "There is a deer on the street", a police officer came and found a deer about 1 meter in length.

After that, the policeman pursued to capture, but the deer continued to run away and fled to the premises of the building in the center of the adjacent Tachikawa city at 7:00 am.

The place to escape was that the police officer cooperated with a veterinarian of Tama Animal Park in a place that was only about 500 meters away from JR Tachikawa station, and surrounded the deer, and it was that they snatched and captured by anesthesia for noon. No one was hurt during the capture.

According to the Tokyo Tama Environment Office, the captured deer is a wild male sika deer which is about 1 meter long and returned to the mountain before 2 pm.

This deer is seen as a child from the size etc., Tokyo Tama environmental office is examining it as being separated from the parent and lost in the city area.

Uranium Fuel Factory, 200 Gaps in Exhaust Duct Tokai Village: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Rubella, signs of epidemic in the center of Kanto Families of pregnant women, immunization: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Lawyer's pamphlet, former lawyer who admits Mr. Trump 's "instructions": Asahi Shimbun Digital

"Collapse" in China net finance Continuous protest activities throughout the country

China ship is abandoned ... Fishery damage of coral fishing net serious serious: Society: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

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Ignore at work and apply for childcare leave by giving birth to my wife suddenly demotion without notice → Claim an objection and brilliantly withdraw the relegation! How to deal with - Togetter

20 Cabinet Order City: Sunscreen cream, translation of half by number in pool - Mainichi Shimbun

Is it possible to use sunscreen cream in the public pool? The response is broken among municipalities. When Mainichi Shimbun asked 20 government ordinance cities, half banned the use because "water quality is adversely affected." Meanwhile, experts point out that "water quality will not get dirty even with sunscreen cream."

I am disappointed at Lufthansa. I am stunned to cope with crude and irresponsible troubles

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Will it be possible to reduce mountain risk with IT - The latest technology to prevent "missing" - Yahoo! News

Mountainous distress accidents are increasing like every year. According to the announcement by the National Police Agency, the number of mountain victims in 2017 was 3111, the number of dead and missing persons was 354, both exceeding the past 15 years. In the past 10 years, mountain victims have increased 1.6 times. Why will you get lost in the mountains and get distressed in times when smartphones became popular and location information became easy to understand? Using the latest IT technology, I visited the site working on the prevention of mountain accidents and the discovery of victims.

I want to understand the data pipeline of Netflix - Blogging Puzzle

Google Japan Blog: Google Fit is new

It is a mess! Disappearing without knowing the startup internal company information system | Findy Engineer Lab - Find Engineer Lab

Summary of battle over leadership over Linux certification | LPI-Japan vs. LPI Japan Section - orangeitems's diary

CentOS 7 (RHEL 7) Initial setting Ansible

Publish specification of CPU of post "Kyo": Fujitsu

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Doujinshi mistakes due to mistakes in the printing office and the correspondence afterwards is also messed up raging! The flow of presenting "Suspended Printing Office" starting from there - Togetter

Theater animation "I want to eat your pancreas" sumika "fanfare" anime film - YouTube

Shadow of the Tomb Raider "Louder than Words" Short trailer Japanese dubbed version - YouTube

Devil May Cry 5 gamescom Trailer - YouTube

"Soul Calibur VI" "MISSION: Libra of Soul Mode" Introduction Trailer - YouTube

'Soul Calibur VI' Character Introduction Movie _ 1 DLC 1 Tira - YouTube

"ACE COMBAT (TM) 7: SKIES UNKNOWN" Gamescom 2018 Story TRAILER (Dark Blue) - YouTube

the pillows "FooL on CooL generation" All songs crossfade watching

Wimpy pedal GLORY LINE × Dobonburi - Okonomiyaki Danto Tabori

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"Kimono Agriculture Trumpet Eggplant" is coming to bear in mind → Akita highest level Braban players were hurriedly arriving - Togetter

Think about the relationship between athletes and sex now (Keiko Kikuchi) - Individual - Yahoo! News

It is said that "on" and "off" are important for athletes to demonstrate the best performance. In order to demonstrate the best performance in the field of "on" competition, it is essential to relax both mind and body with "off" which is a resting place. The bigger the tournament will be, the more it will be needed. And some athletes are using sex acts as a means of relaxing. No, from experience of interviewing activities for many years, there is definitely such an athlete.

It is too famous that condoms are already distributed free in the athletes village of each Olympic Games. At the Rio Olympics in 2016, the largest number ever, 450,000 pieces (of which 100,000 are for women) equivalent to 42 athletes per person are distributed for free, and 110,000 pieces corresponding to 37 of this year's Pyeongchang Olympics It is distributed free of charge. It can be said that the athlete 's sexual intercourse in the athletes village is done publicly.

Kimono Agriculture · Ace Yoshida "Sphere number problem" from the field Objections

Kimono Agriculture arrives at the local Akita Airport, 1,400 people welcome - High School Baseball: Asahi Newspaper Digital

Do you see the performance of dramas and movies other than your own country in plain? The acting of the Japanese actor seems to be disgusting. - Quora

Nippon Nakagyo Shinbun - Pleasant advancement, good fighting ... full support Weed spirit shining gleaming spirit Akita student, majestically in the big stage, JA

Osaka Kingsha official "Yossha! First time in Koshien's historical first spring and summer celebration! Bought a sports newspaper to commemorate!": Nanjiji Stadium @ Nan J Summary

What? J PRIDE: Osaka birch parent's Nishitani boss, puzzled by the Nakagawa captain who wins and cries

What? J PRIDE: [Sad news] Iwata Tsuchiyama referee of a dangerous ball, misjudged and misjudged

29: Wind blowing if nothing 2018/08/21 (Tue) 22: 06: 10.99 ID: JSW83vvF0
Criteria as to whether it can request Requests that no one knows

40: Wind blowing if nothing 2018/08/21 (Tuesday) 22: 07: 24.30 ID: niFMovVJ 0
>> 29
Everything judged by a judge other than a strike ball
Balk or whatever

47: Wind blowing if nothing 2018/08/21 (Tuesday) 22: 09: 01.21 ID: QQE8KLES0
When Hojo had no intention, I refused consultation with other referees after being unaware that it was not covered by the request, so his tailoring

"Skyscraper" excerpt image excerpts - Family - YouTube

FRISK × GReeeeN "STAY FOCUSED" campaign | Special Movie - YouTube

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"This is" sugar can coffee refraining from sweetness "Daido Blend Demitas sweetness refrained micro sugar" launched | Corporate information | Dido Drinko

(PDF file) Spice 3 times !!! Spicyness that draws stimulating aftertaste to mouth and mind Ebara CJ "Calinda" new release

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