What is 'how to grow twin panda' which took advantage of the habit of the panda?

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Even if she gave birth to twin children, there is a habit of only one child to take care of and the panda that can not be taken care has a tendency to starve to death. So, in the zoo in Chengdu, China, we incorporate a method of using one trick to take care of both children in one panda.

Panda Does not Realise She's Had Twins! | BBC Earth - YouTube

The panda "Lee Lee" in the Zoo in China's Chengdu birth twin baby, 18 days passed.

Lily firmly loves her child, her puppy looks healthy.

It is not unusual for pandas to bring twin babies like Lily, and it is known that about half of the babies that pandas live are twins. However, in most cases, the mother of the panda abandons child rearing for one child. It is said that one thing is "because there is not enough milk and energy for Panda to take care of the two children," fundamentally it was said that only one panda can be raised at a time. However, in Chengdu zoo, we use 'some technique' to take care of 2 children in Lily.

First, a breeding owner brings a vessel containing "honey water" to the mouth of Lily, and points attention to the vessel.

While Liliie is licking the honey, the breeder collects the child panda.

Then, Lily himself seems to understand that the child panda has been collected, but it keeps licking the honey without resistance. Lily seems to trust the breeder who collected the child panda.

The recovered panda is wrapped in a towel ......

I will take you to the incubator .

Then, wrap the other baby sleeping in the incubator with a towel ......

I will bring it to Lily.

I'm not sure whether Lee Lee is the other baby, but I immediately brought my little panda to the chest and began to cuddle just like before.

The zoo keepers are doing such replacement ten times a day, so that Lily milk spreads over two baby pandas. Also, since the time to contact with the mother is short, the missing milk is supplemented with formulated milk and consideration is also given to eliminate nutritional deficiencies. According to this zoo, there is no longer a case of panda abandoning child rearing by adopting a replacement method, and the survival rate of the baby panda is maintained at 100%.

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