Pigeon becoming the parent of a child rabbit

It is commonplace for parents to die earlier than children, but if a child dies too young a child will not be protected and the child will be very difficult to live. This is something that can be said to not only humans but also animals, but there seems to be a case that pigeons keep protecting the child rabbits whose parents have died in their parents.

Details are as below.
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Children rabbits in this picture are around the 6th day of birth. Two rabbits died from five female rabbits who died when the dog attacked the parent rabbits and the remaining three were housed in the rehabilitation center, but the condition was not very good.

It is said that the name of the pigeon is a carrier pigeon in Noah, a rehabilitation center and he can not go back to the wild because of one leg. Noah sat down in front of the cage where the rabbits are, sleeping. After that, looking at the cage of the rabbit, it seems that rabbits came out from below the wing of Noah, looking for it because there was one rabbit supposed to be three rabbits. When the rabbit approaches Noah, Noah carefully spreads his wings and welcomes the rabbit, and when the rabbits flinchy, they seem to be able to see the sight which is gently returned to their wings under their wings.

Noah and the rabbit.

It seems they are looking after rather than being tailored.

As a baby soon after birth, maybe you think that you are a child of a pigeon?

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