'Ad blocking function is not a panacea,' researchers point out

Some ads on different websites may use tracking cookies to determine the trends of visited sites and display ads that users are likely to be interested in. However, there are many people who use add-ons that have ad blocking capabilities, because advertisements that are likely to show interest, feel uncomfortable to get their information taken, or feel uncomfortable about advertising itself, I will. A research team such as Mr. Watter Yosen who is a professor of computer science at Leuven Catholic University points out that "Ad blocking function does not work as well as we thought".

Who Left Open the Cookie Jar? A Comprehensive Evaluation of Third-Party Cookie Policies
(PDF file) https://wholeftopenthecookiejar.eu/static/tpc-paper.pdf

Guess What: Ad Blockers Do not Block Ads That Well

Cookie (Cookie) is a saved information such as authentication information when logging in to the website. Processing of this cookie differs depending on the implementation of the web browser, but it conforms to the specifications prescribed by RFC , basically all browsers store individual cookies for each accessed site.

And, when exchanging the contents of the cookie with the website, the browser exchanges only the cookie of the site, and does not send the other cookie. For example, when exchanging cookies with Instagram sites, only cookies saved for Instagram are used, so cookies of other sites owned by them are not sent to Instagram.

According to Yosen et al.'S research team, even though the functions are the same according to the RFC specifications, "Different browsers have different levels of ad blocking function" due to browser implementation differences. Indeed, the research team has confirmed that even though Chrome and Opera's ad blocking feature and add-ons could not be used to block JavaScript-based tracking cookies embedded in PDF. About this cause, the research team says, "Although Chrome and Opera have their own PDF reader built in, it is thought that it is due to the influence of this leader."

In addition, it is reported in Safari and Edge that it was not able to block the tracking cookie, and in Firefox there is a problem that it can bypass the blocking of the tracking cookie by using the redirect processing .

Although the research team generally lists "Adblock Plus" as an excellent ad blocking add-on, "Block accuracy differs depending on browser even for the same add-on." As for the blocking of the tracking cookie, it is reported that "Ghostery" add-on for Firefox was the most excellent.

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