There is a gardener who has kept a genuine 'Monet's Garden' for over 40 years

French painter Claude Monet representing impressionists is known for expressing beautiful colors and light. Monet said, "I'd like to make a garden as a theme for paintings", I made my own colorful garden and I spent the rest of the years with my garden and house. After the death of Monet, the story of a gardener who has repaired the desolated garden from 1 for a while and manages it for over 40 years is released on YouTube.

The Gardens Behind Monet's Masterpieces - YouTube

Along with the flowers appearing one after another, "The reason why I came here is nothing to say as fate, because I had never thought of taking care of such a garden."

These flowers may have been seen by Monet, the great Impressionist master.

Monet is very important in the history of painting. And Monet's Garden is also part of the history of painting. Monet's paintings appeared ......

As I drew the paintings, the same bridge as in the picture was projected.

The house where Monet lived in the later years is left in France Giverny.

The garden of water bridged is said to have gained some hint from Ukiyoe in Japan. The bridge in Monet's garden is green, but wooden vermillion bridges are common also in Japan.

Monet made a garden in 1883.

Monet is proud of his own garden and has repeatedly reproduced it in the canvas. The spectacle reflected in the image ......

Monet 's on canvas.

Also famous water lily .

A man in the image below is a gardener and artist Gilbert Vahé who manages the existing Monet's garden.

Vahé has managed the garden of Monet for over 40 years.

It is a garden made in 1883, but after World War II, there were no managers to be abandoned.

After that, in the 1970s, gardeners were to be called for restoration.

Vahé came to the garden for the first time in 1976. Back then, the garden was desolated and gardeners needed to recreate Monet's garden.

It is said that Giverny 's Monet' s garden opening time is closed from April to October and winter is closed, but by restoration, beautiful colorful flowers will bloom now in warm time.

Originally, Mr. Vahé was scheduled to remain in Monet 's garden for only 3-4 weeks, but he still retires in Monet' s garden even though she retires.

As to why he keeps staying in Monet's garden, Vahé says, "Monet's garden is very famous and it is not the reason that 600,000 people visit each year."

In Monet's garden there are 10 full-time gardeners working ... ...

Retired Vahé is able to visit the garden as she likes.

Vahé lives next to Monet's garden, so it is easy to visit physically.

Since the gardener follows the sun rhythm, the summer starts at 7 o'clock on the first day. Leave home ......

Vahé who goes through the green door in your neighbor and visits Monet's garden.

As an important work for the gardener, Mr. Vahé cited restoring the vandalised place of visitors, cutting flowers weakened in beauty, enriching soil and watering.

We go into the pond of water lily in small boat ... ...

It removes extra things in the water and preserves the beauty like a painting.

Originally Vahé was not familiar with Monet, but he said that he knew about Monet through the garden. It was flowers that Mr. Vahé first appeared attractive, but gradually he knew about Monet, he liked Monet.

I found something and thought that I reached out to the grass, I removed the wilted part.

Given the impact Monet had on history, the job of keeping the garden is very important. Vahé said that the garden was his fate.

Since 2000, " Kitagawa Village Monet's Garden Marmottan " which reproduced Monet's garden in Kochi prefecture under the guidance of Vahé is open.

Kitagawa village "Garden of Monet" Marmotan

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