The mechanism by which blue light hurt the retina and causes blindness revealed

by Patrick Brinksma

" Blue light " which has the strongest energy among visible rays is contained in many LED displays such as PCs and smart phones, and it is known for giving damage to the retina. Blue light has been thought to cause blindness, but the latest research reveals "how blue light causes blindness".

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A research team at the University of Toledo revealed how the blue light causes damage to the "macula" in the center of the retina and causes "macular degeneration", the main cause of blindness. Macular degeneration refers to the state in which retinal photoreceptors have died.

Retinal photoreceptors have molecules called " retinal " for sensing light and transmitting signals to the brain. According to Ajith Karunarathne, associate professor of biochemistry department who participated in the study, "It is necessary to continuously supply retinal molecules, which are retinal molecules, for the eye to function."

The research team observed how blue light destroys retinal photoreceptors, and finds that retinal, essential for eye function, is deeply involved. According to the research team, signaling substances on the retina are dissolved when retail is bluelighted. Then it seems that retinal is a toxic chemical molecule for photoreceptor cells. In the study, it seems that retinal molecules were combined with various cells of the body such as photoreceptor cells, neurons, cardiac cells, etc. As a result, neither retinal cells nor blue light can be damaged by retinal cells It is obvious.

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In addition, the research team has discovered that α-tocopherol, a substance derived from vitamin E, may prevent retinal cell death. The research team hopes that this discovery will lead to the development of eye drops that can delay the symptoms of macular degeneration.

"More than 2 million cases of macular degeneration associated with aging are reported every year in the United States," as Karunarathne says, in the United States, age-related macular degeneration is the most common cause of blindness above 65 years of age It is. Karunarathne says "I want to find ways to protect the eyes of children living in the high-tech world by looking for a way to find a toxic reaction due to the combination of the retina and blue light, learning the mechanism of blindness," the enthusiasm for further research I am talking.

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