An abnormal situation that the sun disappears only during 3 hours during the day occurs in Siberia, and conspiracy theory also

by J Lippold

One of the constituent bodies of the Russian Federation located in Siberia, the Sakha Republic is an extremely cold land covered with permafrost. In Siberia, when the long winter from October to April is over and it is summer, people will be able to go out without risk of freezing glasses or faces. It is reported that the July sun, which is valuable to such inhabitants, "I can not see it for about three hours even though it is daytime."

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The Sakha Republic, also known as the "coldest place in the world", is also known to have the Oimyakon village which established the world's lowest temperature record in the northern hemisphere minus 71.2 degrees in 1926. In the Sakha Republic, where 40% of the area is included in the Arctic Circle, there are areas where the white sun comes in the winter and the sunshine hours are divided by two hours, but in July there are more than 20 hours of sun per day And that.

Inhabitants of the Eveno-Bytantaysky and Zhigansk districts located in the central part of the Republic are appealing that "the sun has disappeared" from around 11 a.m. on the 20 th July 2018 to 2 p.m. According to the local people, suddenly the sky was covered with red-black things and the sun was out of sight. In the photos taken by local people, you can see that the air is dyed in a reddish color.

There seems to be some residents who went outside with a flashlight, but he was caught by the feeling that something heavy was holding down my chest, "It was impossible to keep going out" Local people testify. One of the inhabitants suddenly said that the outside was covered with black smog and a black pollutant floated on the lake.

In other parts of the Republic this kind of phenomenon has not been confirmed, it seems that the situation where the sun is hiding occurred only in certain areas. Normally, it is confirmed that the temperature drops during the solar eclipse, but people in the Sakha Republic are always living at low temperatures, so he never noticed anything.

It has also been reported that various rumors are flying among the inhabitants who saw the sun hiding behind. A certain person is rumored that "America's satellite has confirmed the rise of radiation level in the area and the dispatch of troops" "It is the work of UFO" "It is a solar eclipse", and the administrative authorities are He explained that many inquiries such as "Please explain what it was."

The conspiracy theory is being whispered among people, but in the newspaper it is reported that it may be "the effect of forest fires". In the summer season, forest fires occur frequently in Siberia, and tens of thousands of acres (about several hundred square kilometers) of forests are burned by fire from May 2018. It seems that smoke and scattering matter generated by the fire may fly by several thousands of kilometers, and the identity of the "eclipse" that hit the Republic of Saha may have been smoke or dust due to fire.

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