I am afraid than terrorism 'to kill more than 10 people a day' What is the hole problem in India?

About 10 people in India died due to holes on the ground. What is the hole that kills about 10 people a day, The Guardian of England is approaching this hole.

How Difficult Is It to Keep Our Roads Pothole Free? Here's the Answer in 3 Steps

'More deadly than terrorism': potholes responsible for killing 10 people a day in India | World news | The Guardian

India's Secretary of Mansk and Mandaviya Road Director said, "There are 3597 deaths and 25,000 injuries caused by traffic accidents caused by holes in the road in 2017." In India there is a deep hole all over the road, which means that there are frequent traffic accidents caused by this.

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This accident happens frequently even in 2018, and on July 9, 2018, a woman living in Mumbai traveled on a road with a scooter, and the wheel of the scooter entered the hole, so that it lost its balance and crashed. A painful accident happened that this woman was thrown to the next lane and was killed by the bus that was traveling in that lane and died.

Traffic accidents due to holes may occur even if they do not enter the hole. Actually, most cars and motorbikes do not want accidents, so we will take actions such as cutting the handle in advance to avoid the hole, but this behavior also causes collision accidents.

It is said that the holes that trigger such many accidents are made due to road construction in India. As of 2018 India is focusing on the improvement of the road network, and road construction is done everywhere. However, its actual condition gives priority to quantity rather than quality, road quality is not good. For this reason, when heavy rain falls in the rainy season or the like, cracks or holes often appear on the road often.

In the trial of a woman's death accident occurred on July 9, 2018, the judge said that "more people are killed by" holes "than terrorism is a big problem," said Indian I strongly criticize the current state of road construction. Also, Mr. Roffit Baja of the Delhi Traffic Education Association says, "The best solution is to accuse road stakeholders with murder charges," and to eliminate traffic accidents due to holes, review the way road construction is redeveloped from scratch It is necessary to point out.

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