It decomposed Tesla Model 3 apart, and as a result it turned out that the profit margin of Model 3 reaches as much as 30%

EV "Model 3" developed by Tesla on a company basis is a model targeting the first popular price range at the company. I think that Model 3 that starts from 35,000 dollars (about 3.9 million yen) is priced to sell the number by selling the number while suppressing the price, and from the result of analyzing the car body separately from each other Showed that Model 3 shows a very high profit margin.

Munro Teardown Shows Tesla Model 3 Solidly Profitable - YouTube

It is Munro & Associates (hereafter "Munro") based in Michigan that decomposed the model 3 and found the cost cost this time. The company specializes in disassembling (tearing down) and investigating cars, and it provides accurate cost survey etc. based on high expertise.

Sandy Munroe, Munro's CEO, stands by model 3 who was disassembled apart from the other side. Mr. Munroe, first asked about the level of assembly of the car body in the reporter, has blown off with "I'm at the lowest level in the last 10 years".

The problem is that the assembly of the body panel, so-called "Chile", is misaligned in the left and right, and that it seems to be caused by the circumstances at the time of production.

However, when I actually tried driving it seems that the impression was exactly opposite. Mr. Munroe says Mr. Munroe is "on the rail" (able to run exactly as if it runs over the rail) about the ride feeling that it has a heavy feeling and it runs like sucking on the ground.

Next the two will move to the commentary on the heart of Model 3, the electronic control system placed on a round table.

Mr. Munroe says, "This level of integration is unlikely to be the thing of the world," the foundation of the heart that says.

Certainly, you can see that innumerable chips are implemented as a bit.

Mr. Munroe, who was involved in teardown and analysis of the Chevrolet EV "Bolt", says that what is important for achieving EV is "integration" of the entire system. Based on that, I think that the system of this Tesla Model 3 is really beautifully designed, and says "It looks like an engineering orchestra."

Model 3 's excellent point is also in batteries. A gray plate shaped object standing on the table is part of the battery component removed from Model 3. One model 3 has four battery components installed.

Mr. Munroe further disassembles the removed battery component and investigates the internal structure in detail.

Having Mr. Munroe is one of the smallest unit "battery cell" of lithium-ion batteries that is the source of power to run Model 3. The battery cell called "2170" is 20% larger than the conventional one, and the battery capacity has actually increased by 50%.

Mr. Munroe, who was asked about the result of exploring the model 3 to the part level and asked about the detailed investigation, said, "Model 3 has a high profit margin, its profit margin is over 30%." Mr. Munroe told reporters surprisingly, "I have not seen such a car more than 30%!" Mr. Munro said, "There were such manufacturers in the past, but only Tesla has achieved 30% in the world of EV "I answer.

In addition, Tesla's CEO Eulon Mask says in the interview that Tesla will become a profitable structure as Model 3 production will be on track in the future. Tesla has failed in the era of the first commercial car "Roadster" followed by "Model S", or has fallen into a situation just before the company's sale. It is interesting whether the high rate of profit "30%" of model 3 will rescue Tesla who is in trouble again.

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