McDonald's and Starbucks will be fined for violating plastic use prohibition

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Plastic products such as plastic bottles and plastic bags are now indispensable to our lives. However, since most plastics do not decompose spontaneously, the increase in plastic waste is a global problem. As a countermeasure, the state of Maharashtra, India, completely prohibits the use of plastic products from the end of March 2018, and the local McDonalds and Starbucks etc. are fined.

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According to the statistics of the Japan Plastics Industry Federation, the per capita consumption of plastic in India is one-twelfth that of Japan, and it is not so much worldwide. However, in India, plastic waste is not handled correctly and the rate of illegal dumping is high, and plastic bags and PET bottles cover the ground is said to be a scene commonly seen in India.

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In response to this, the use of plastic products is prohibited in the Indian capital, Delhi since 2017.

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Mumbai in Maharashtra, India, is the largest city in India with a population of over 18 million. From March 23, 2018, even in Mumbai, manufacture, use, transportation, distribution, sale, storage, importation of non-biodegradable plastics and polystyrene products was prohibited. Using plastic and polystyrene plastic bags, cups, bottles etc, a fine of 5000 rupees (about 8000 yen) to 25,000 rupees (about 40,000 yen) will be punished for the first offense, up to three months imprisonment for the repeat offenders . Also regarding PET bottles, except for some exceptions such as medicines, we prohibit those with a capacity of 500 ml or less, and further oblige the deposit system.

Approximately 250 inspectors wearing a navy blue jacket in the city are going around to see if plastic products are used in restaurants and shops. According to Nidi Chowdari executing the ban plastic ban, the previous investigation seized more than 700 kg of plastic from more than 8,000 companies. In addition, inspections conducted in June showed violation of the prohibition on plastic use at 132 facilities including Burger King, McDonald's, and Starbucks branch in Mumbai. In the first 3 days, it was 660,000 rupees (about 1.1 million yen) A fine was collected.

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Immediately after the regulation was in effect, many plastic bags were still used, but in April most places no longer use plastic bags. Mr. Camlash Mohan Chaudari living in Mumbai seems to have used vinyl bags instead of bags from the usual time, but he said he switched to a cloth bag. He also testified that the son of local lamb meat began to wrap meat with newspaper instead of plastic sheet. "Although it is natural to regulate in consideration of environmental pollution, it is a big problem for Mumbai citizens who often use plastic bags," Chaudhari says.

However, Maharashtra State, which has Mumbai, is a region where most of it is divided into tropical regions, and from June to September it rains about 500 mm per month by the seasonal wind. People in Mumbai were prohibited from using plastics, so we replaced bags and bags with hemp and cloth, but because of heavy rain the water soaked in, bags and their contents soon became useless, serious It is damaging. In addition, local media is criticizing that paper bags and paper wrapping cost more than plastic, and strict regulation will become a hotbed for bribes by inspectors and officials, which only causes confusion in the market.

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