India disallows full use of disposable plastic containers · dishes · plastic bags

It is said that 8.8 million tons of plastic waste is flowing into the ocean each year, 60% of which are discarded from India. Air pollution caused by incineration of plastic garbage is a serious problem in India, and according to the WHO survey, India is known to be the world's most air polluted country through China and the United States. The National Green Tribunal who saw this influence seriously has issued a law prohibiting the use of plastics containers, forks, knives, plastic bags etc. in the capital of India in its entirety.

All Forms Of Disposable Plastic Banned In Delhi-NCR! -

India Banned Literally All Disposable Plastic in Delhi, a Major Win for Planet Earth

The national Green Tribunal, established to facilitate environmental protection and nature conservation by the "National Green Trial Law" promulgated in 2010, fully prohibits disposable plastic products in Delhi from New Year 's Day 2017 I will. It is an action against air pollution by three waste power generation incinerators in the surroundings of Delhi, and illegal incineration technology is used in these incineration plants. By prohibiting disposable plastics in India, which accounts for 60% of 8.8 million tons of garbage that leaks out to the ocean each year, it is expected to become a major step in environmental protection worldwide.

The biggest problem of plastic waste is that it is not broken down in the natural environment and it causes chemicals to invade the oceans and rivers. As marine organisms and birds mistakenly eat food, it is known that about 100,000 marine organisms are being killed per year due to erroneous eating of plastic garbage. In Norway it has been reported that as many as 30 plastic bags were found in the stomach of the dead body of a whale discovered.

The Indian garbage problem has been pointed out several years ago, and one of Australian environmentalist Tim Silverwood who is complaining about the contamination problem of plastic waste. Mr. Silverwood said, "I have witnessed that a lot of garbage is thrown away in the most beautiful mountain ranges on Earth, and the abandoned garbage will flow to the sea after a long time." Mr. Silverwood has released a shocking movie containing a scene to discard a large amount of plastic waste in the Himalayas. These garbage is from the neighboring village.

The Greening of Kashmir - short - Canon 7D on Vimeo

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