'Blue Origin' founded by Bezos announces that it will release tickets for space travel in 2019

The top of the civil aerospace company " Blue Origin " launched by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos announced that it will release a travel plan to deliver civilians to space in 2019.

Blue Origin plans to start selling suborbital spaceflight tickets next year - SpaceNews.com

The Digest: Blue Origin's Spaceflight Tickets Will Go on Sale in 2019

This announcement was announced by Rob Meyerson senior vice president of Amazon Web Service Public Sector Summits 2018 held from June 20 to 21, 2018 . In a keynote speech, Mr. Mayerson said passengers will go to space by Blue Origin aboard a rocket "New Shepard" under development.

However, at the time of the announcement, concrete price and schedule was not disclosed. Regarding this point, Mr. Mayerison is not narrowing down the information, and detailed contents are expected to be at a stage where it is going to be stuffed from now.

New Shepard is a fuselage consisting of a booster that launches the aircraft and a crew / capsule mounted at the top of it, and the flight test has been repeated since 2015. Like the SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket, the booster is capable of landing with reverse injection of the rocket and has the ability to be reused multiple times.

A crew / capsule on which passengers ride is like this. The interior is designed to be able to observe the state of the earth from outer space by having a large acrylic window, pressurized by the pressure at which humans can act.

The following movie contains a test flight of New Shepard conducted on April 29, 2018. From around 38 minutes you can actually see New Shepard launch, see the whole story of returning to the ground by separating the crew / capsule in the sky.

Replay of New Shepard Mission 8 Livestream - YouTube

At the time of the announcement, in addition to not mentioning price, it was not clear what kind of flight plan actually will be. Mr. Meyerson revealed that it was "sub-orbital flight", that is, it did not fly around the earth like the International Space Station, it rose to a certain height and reached space, It seems that it will become the thing that I look back from the universe to see the shape of the earth in a zero gravity environment. The following movie can see one end of such flight, it shows how it reaches the Earth again when it reaches the apogee (highest reaching point) at an altitude of 350 thousand thousand feet (about 107 km).

Apogee 351,000 Feet - YouTube

Exams are also being conducted to ensure safety. If there is a problem with the booster during launch, the rocket motor attached to the bottom of the crew / capsule ignites like the following movie, withdrawing at a faster speed than the main body of the rocket to the safe area in a stretch It is supposed to escape.

New Shepard In-flight Escape Test - YouTube

SpaceX and Virgin Galactic and other enterprises such as Blue Origin are proceeding with development aiming to be launched. Whether Blue Origin can become the first step by making the first flight succeed in 2019 seems to attract interest.

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