What did you learn after trying to send your idea to CEOs of various companies?

There are many people who have given up thinking "I have interesting ideas but they do not seem to be able to realize them," and have given up on implementing them. Investor John DeFeo had the same troubles, thought that "Let's leave the idea to a person who seems to be able to realize", write a letter of her own idea, write a letter to various companies It seems that I sent him to the CEO of the company.

Why I Write Letters to CEOs (and What I've Learned by Doing So)

When Mr. Defero sent a letter to the CEO to fight the idea, he received a reply from many CEOs. Ian Cook, CEO of Colgate-Palmolive , who is developing soap and detergents, wrote a letter commented on Mr. Defero's idea for the CEO of WD-40 , an industrial product manufacturer From Garry Ridge who is a handwritten letter and a book with an autograph arrived. In addition, reports from Gerald Schrever , CEO of confectionery manufacturer J & J Snack Foods , told Mr. Defero's idea to its marketing leader, Chris Killing Stud, CEO of cleaning equipment manufacturer Tennant Company A letter of thank was sent from Mr. Warren Buffett, a CEO of investment fund Berkshire Hathaway .

Mr. DeFeo was surprised at the CEO of a large company that seems to be busy at work returning a letter to an individual's idea, but what surprised me further is that Mr. Defero's idea, It was that a solid comment was written.

For example, Mr. Cook cited Mr. Colgate-Palmolive's market research and management strategy, pointed out different points from Mr. Defero's idea and pointed out that it is "difficult to realize" That's right. Mr. Defero thanks Mr. Cook for giving a gracious reply in spite of actually being different from the company's policy.

Mr. Defero did not reveal his name, but from the two CEOs, "An answer such as" There is a need to stop another business in order to execute this idea, and the company has no merit to do it " There was that. Although these two companies appreciate Mr. Defero's idea highly, they judged that it is not the timing to actually do. Mr. Defero tells us the impression that "even if we get a new idea, the niceness of making decisions that do not change the direction of the company is wonderful."

According to Mr. DeFeo, most of the CEO who sent the letter seems to have answered, but the two CEOs were unable to obtain a response. So, he decided to divide it into a group that gave me responses and a group that did not respond, and compared the two.

Then, the fact that the annual profit margin of the group who gave me answers is 8.97% higher was found out. Mr. DeFeo emphasizes that there is a big difference between the two groups as "this difference makes a difference of several million dollars (hundreds of millions of yen) when looking at the whole lifetime." Mr. Defero stated that it had no statistical significance because of the small number of samples and said, "I am convinced that this result means something," to a company with a CEO who gave me a response in the future I am clarifying that I want to invest.

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