Bill Gates says, 'If you want to understand Silicon Valley you should see the drama 'Silicon Valley'

In the Silicon Valley of the United States, the drama " Silicon Valley ", which programmers struggle to develop companies and sell applications, has been a big topic among people who actually work in IT companies. It is awaited for the release of Season 6, but Bill Gates, a fan of a drama, has released an article saying "If you want to understand Silicon Valley you should see" Silicon Valley ".

If you want to understand Silicon Valley, watch Silicon Valley | Bill Gates

As works depicting Silicon Valley, there are various excellent books such as " Fire in the Valley ", " Steve Jobs ", " The Innovators ", but "I truly understood what Silicon Valley of today is like If not, you should see the HBO drama series Silicon Valley, "Gates says.

Silicon Valley is a programmer named Richard Hendrik, the protagonist's drama and Richard, who worked for a fictitious major IT company "Hooli (Fury)" that makes Google and Microsoft a daughter, stopped the company and joined the group with "Pied Piper Piper) "to start up the startup. It depicts Richards struggling to strike a company strategy, make products, collect funds and grow the company.

Of course the story is exaggerated as it is a drama, but "As with all the great parodies, this story is drawing a lot of truths," Gates said. Programmer's character "smart, burning competitive against friends, ignorance about socialization" is familiar to Gates. In particular, Mr. Gates finds something in common with Richard CEO Richard, "It is excellent as a programmer but needs to learn about human management", in particular.

In addition, entrepreneurs' ambitious but tendency to place too much emphasis on vision and statements "is also commonly said,
"It makes me smile even a technology believer like me" as characters appear seriously talking about how the application to inform "whether or not they are eating hot dogs" changes the world. "Said Mr. Gates.

Drama screenwriters and producers conduct careful surveys before creating a new season and Gates also met with the drama production team before Season 5 and talked about it.

There seem to be some people who do not see the drama because of the reason that "drama is making silly people of Silicon Valley" around Gates, but this drama never unnecessarily stupid a person working in Silicon Valley Mr. Gates thinks that it was not made. Sometimes it is not acceptable if there are tools that can improve the lives of people. Sometimes the idea is correctly understood or not, and if someone fails, another person praised the rest of the life for another person's success with a little effort "a genius" Also to take a bath. Gates said that the drama is drawing "perfectly" such a Silicon Valley.

Only one point, Mr. Gates is frustrated that the drama gives the impression that "a small company like Paid Piper is capable, but a big company like Fury is a fuck." Of course, it is because the drama is interesting if you focus on the point of "the battle of a small company that does not win" that is being drawn like this. But from his own experience, absurdity happens even in a small company, and large companies have the advantage of being able to invest in long-term solid research that can not be done by small companies, says Gates.

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