Google partnered with Unity to develop tools for online game development

In recent years, many mobile games also have an on-line battle function and multiplayer mode, but making games with such functions is more difficult than I imagined. Developers manage infrastructure and realize valuable time and resources to realize attractive games with on-line functions, but in order to lighten this burden as much as possible, Google will use real-time 3D games and content Announced that it has entered into a strategic alliance with Unity , the industry leader in production platforms.

Powering up connected game development through our alliance with Unity.

Google has partnered with Unity and reveals that we are developing a managed service tool to create online games. The tools under development seem to be diverse, but what is supposed to be released for the first time seems to be "focus on the real-time multiplayer experience".

Also, as Google Cloud is a cloud provider that will be chosen by default for developers who develop online games on Unity, they are trying to provide support to make it easier to build and extend games. Specifically, developers can offer Google Cloud services, such as a robust global network that enables player connections with low latency, features that allow you to quickly extend game servers, and multi-TB memory nodes that can hold, from the Unity development environment It will be available. In addition, since Google Cloud can be easily used from Unity's development environment, developers do not have to acquire cloud expertise knowledge to implement online functions.

Also, in collaboration with Unity, Google is launching an open source project to connect players in multiplayer games. The project cooperates with one of the world's leading game companies and deeply embodies the community-driven solution philosophy of gaming and open source. In this project, some kind of deliverables will be announced in the summer of 2018.

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In addition, Unity has also announced that all core infrastructure is moving to Google Cloud to enhance services and services.

In commemoration of our partnership with Google, Unity has prepared a page to let the game developer named "Connected games" report on working on creating online games.

Connected games

In addition, Google wrote that "Google and Unity partnership is hoping to be able to provide experiences that please developers and gamers."

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