"My hero academia THE MOVIE ~ 2 heroes ~" Trailer ban is lifted, theme song is Masaki Sugano in charge

Published movie from August 3 (Fri) 2018My Hero Accademia THE MOVIE ~ 2 Heroes ~The trailer video of the ban is lifted. Also, if the theme song isMasaki SugataLong Hope · Philia "new song, and offer musicamazarashiIt was announced that Akita Hiromu will do.

【Advance】 "My Hero Accademia THE MOVIE ~ 2 Heroes (Hero) ~" / August 3 (Friday) released - YouTube

Film is the original author · Korpe Horikoshi is in charge of general supervision, Deku, almight, 1-A group members and mysterious villain · Wolfram is a big battle. The past of almight is revealed, and blank "summer" is drawn.

The contents of the question and answer to Mr. Masaki Sugata who is in charge of the theme song this time are as follows.

· About the new single "Long Hope · Philia" released in 8/1
The purpose of making the theme song for Hiroaka's first theatrical version for the first time was clear from the beginning this time. I think that a hero exists as a child, as well as adults and everyone has their own heroes, but I think that a symbol of justice and affection is a hero.
To amazarashi Hiroshi Akita who was allowed to join my album "PLAY" in March of this year when he thought about selling such a hero as a song to many people beyond sex and age, I asked you to write down songs.
"Philia" is Greek and means affection for beloved people and fraternity. This song in which the feeling of "a long hope in an important friendship" was put in, this song is made to feel like I am encouraged myself while singing, I try hard with my precious friends regardless of age I think that a song with strength and hope like this was made.

· About "My Hero Accademia"
Jump was reading weekly from a young age and Hiroaka was reading from the beginning of series so it is a great honor and I am delighted to be in charge of the first theatrical version theme song of this time as a jumping fan, Hiro Akafus.
I like juvenile manga which grows as the hero acts and the hero, and all that is common to such cartoons is not perfect even though he is a longing hero, but part of feelings such as affection and effort I think there is something that hits people's chest. Even in Hiroaka, the main character Deku was the only boy who was not expecting from around, but there is justice and longing in Dek himself, starting a story that gives off individuality by breaking such part to altitude is. Since there is no person who can do anything from the beginning, since I have always liked the story that anyone can become a hero by keeping trying hard without giving up, I am looking forward to further growth of Dek in theatrical version.

· About the new singles theme song of "My Hero Accademia THE MOVIE ~ 2 Heroes ~"
In the theater version Hiroaka, "the overwhelming hero" almight past is revealed, I heard that from amazarashi 's Akita san, I wrote it with lyrics close to the point of view of almight rather than the point of view of the main character Dek. The more they sing, the more these heroes and stories are linked to the myself singing, I feel that there is really hope for this song with warmth and strength. I think that "Long Hope and Philia" that we sang alongside this movie closely to deliver to a lot of people, and through the movie and the songs, "I got my back pushed", "Press someone's back I want to give it "I am very happy if you feel it.

Amazarashi who provided songs · Hiroyuki Akita's comment has also been announced.

· Things that you thought during music creation
I was conscious from the beginning trying to make this work only for "my hero academia" completely. Sometimes I provided songs to Mr. Sugata, I excluded my ego and amazarashi's ego and made it as a writer, with the feeling of dedicating music to Hiroaka and Sugata.

·Feelings for music
The theme I set up for making this work is "Hero" and "Friend". I think that it is a lyric close to the viewpoint of almight rather than the point of view of the hero Dec. I first thought of the phrase "Friend, lasting hope" and imagined it like a catchphrase on the CD band. My personal thoughts are, of course, included, but I used to care about expressing words so that they reach more people.

· Feeling about Mr. Masaki Sugana singing "Long Hope · Philia"
This song is a song that could not have been born unless Mr. Sugada sang the theme of Hiroaka. Because I was too experienced production, it was a song I made while I was lost, but I could think that it was not wrong by listening to the sound source Sugata kun sang. In the meaning of a young hero Mr. Sugata and Mr. Dek are overlapped with me.

Toho Kazuya Okamura producer commented as follows.
Hiroaka is a work that cherishes "sense of chestness" and "emo", which is also an attraction of the original, and our animator's mind is also very conscious of it. I thought that "emo" on Mr. Masaki Sugata's voice and singing expressions would fit exactly with such "Hiroaka", but I was able to appreciate how many times it was better than I expected I was hooked! When first heard, my thoughts of Hiroaka's characters spread in my head, I felt like I had them pressed my back and tears came out. I think that Hiroaki Akita of amazarashi who was working on the OP theme for TV animation also made songwriting comprehension after understanding the world view of Hiroaka deeply.

Furthermore, "My Hero Accademia" is supposed to be taken up with Japanese TV series information programs "ZIP!" And "Refresh" broadcast on the morning of June 15.

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