Splatoon 2 I played the first DLC, "Okt · Expansion" which is the main character octopus although it is Ikagaya

Game for Nintendo Switch released on July 21, 2017Splatoon 2Additional download content of "Octo-ExpansionDelivery began on June 14, 2018. Spratoon is a battle-shooting game where squid shoots ink, while octo-expansion is the main character of the octo-expansion, while enjoying the challenge of the high difficulty which was not able to be tasted by "hero mode" of single play mode while altitude It is content that learns the operation technique.

Splatoon 2 Octo-Expansion (Additional Content) | Nintendo Switch | Nintendo

◆ Synopsis of the Octo-Expansion
When purchasing the Octo-Expansion, updating Supra Toon 2 and starting it, "First Hi-Kara Square Fashion News" will be delivered in high-color news.

According to the news, Curly hair's fashionable girl & boy is rapidly increasing with Hikara Square.

After this news flow, sounds will come to be heard somewhat from the back of Hikara Square.

It seems that the sound is ringing from the subway's home. Pressing the A button and listening ... ...

You can play octo expansion.

After a haiku called "octopus or elsewhere dreams are the summer moon" was read ... ...

An octopus waking up from a sadness.

What was in front of me was a hero during the "big Naawari battle" that occurred between squid and octopus, and Atarime commander who supported in the hero mode of the previous work "Splatoon". New! Someone was struck by Karastonbi troops / 3 (the main character of the previous work) in the octopus volleyball, and it seems that they were in this mysterious space when they noticed.

Octopus operated by the player loses his memory and will remember his appearance here. First of all, is it a girl or a boy?

And the color of the paddy


Select eye color.

Octopus is a masterpiece of Shio Collars "Shiokara clauseIt seems that he was lazy with "octopus with the groove of the Shiokara clause in the soul" certified.

Based on the truth that "Those who are bad for those who like the Shio Kara clause", Taco and Atarime Command will cooperate and attempt to escape from this mysterious space.

Of course, it is the role of octopus to search for an exit and adventure.

So, in the following movie you can see the octopus that you can finally operate

Splatoon 2 "Octo-Expansion" makes it possible to operate octopus - YouTube

Two people arriving at a place like the home of a large station as a result of the search.

When going out to Denwa which suddenly rang, if it departs to "Promised Land", it seems clear that it can escape from this underground space.

And Denwa will give us a "NAMACO terminal" and "NAMACO card" necessary for kindly heading to the promised land.

In addition, the octopus name is decided to No. 8.

That's why Let's go to the promised land by taking the subway.

The method of heading to the promised land is taught by the conductor of the submarine conductor, the sea cucumber. The 8th and Atari-mima command got lost, the deep-sea Metro's home that connects the underground gigantic Saisets operated by Nell.

In order to go to the promised land, it seems necessary to clear the challenge prepared at each station by making full use of the NAMACO terminal and gather "four alleles".

That's why I challenge the challenge of being prepared at each station at once. Pressing the X button activates the NAMACO terminal.

Then, the track diagram of the subway is displayed.

Select an orange station on this line diagram.

The contents of the challenge and usable bukki etc. are displayed. In addition, to challenge the challenge you need to consume NAMACO points. "NAMACO point necessary for challenge" is displayed in red on the upper right of the screen, "NAMACO point that you can get when you clear the challenge" is displayed in green in the center of the screen.

The challenge fee will be deducted and the battle will come to an end if you go through the ticket gates provided at each station.

The first challenge suddenly realized the same family confrontation of No. 8 VS Taco Zones. The basic operation is the same as Splatoon 2.

Splatoon 2 "Octo-Expansion" at No. 8 VS Taco Zones - YouTube

After clearing the challenge, there are terminals that shine gold like the following ... ...

Attack this with ink.

It becomes a challenge clear if it touches after connecting to the terminal on the ground as follows.

By clearing the challenge that exists at each station, it will be possible to challenge the challenge of the adjacent station.

The route map of Deep Sea Metro will be expanded each time the challenge is cleared. You can see that there are quite a lot of challenges just by looking at the images below.

In addition, it is possible to get items such as "Neri Memory" as follows by challenge clear.

This can be checked at any time by NAMACO terminal ... ...

The following mysterious Tanka is attached.

Neri memory is seriesed by deep sea Metro route, collecting all the series ......

I get a special gear. There is no need to clear the challenge of all stations if it is only intended to escape from the basement, but if you want to align gears you need to win the whole challenge.

After clearing the first challenge, someone responds to the radio ... ...

Two people of Tentacles will cooperate with No. 8 & underlay evacuation plan of Atarime command.

So, after clearing each challenge existing at each station one by one, by collecting "four alleles", No. 8 & Atarime command will escape from the vast underground space to the ground where the sunshine will be on You will be able to be ... ... Husband. If you are concerned about the number 8 and Atari-mi command can escape from the basement, please actually play and check it.

◆ A number of high difficulty challenges prepared for Octo-Expansion
In the Octo-Expansion, you can enjoy the game of clearing all the stages prepared by one player just like Hero mode. Since volume is about the same as hero mode, the time it takes to clear one challenge is not so long. However, the degree of difficulty has become considerably high, and a lot of challenging tasks such as "prohibiting the use of Buki" and "limiting ink usage" are waiting for.

For example, there is a challenge of "Goal with Jet Pack within the time limit", and it is obvious if you look at the movie below how you feel.

Splatoon 2 "Octo-Expansion" Jet pack to aim for the goal Challenge - YouTube

There is also a squid sphere version. It may be a difficult struggle to clear if not using each special weapon.

Splatoon 2 "Octo-Expansion" Ikasphere Challenge to Aim for the Goal - YouTube

Depending on the challenge, there are cases where you can choose from several buki to use. However, care must be taken because NAMACO points that can be obtained at the time of clearing will differ.

You can also remap with the Taco Bot Bakery, which appeared in Hero mode.

Splatoon 2 "Octo-Expansion" Takotubo Bakery Appeared in 80% Increase - YouTube

Of course, the boss game of the Octo-Expansion has been considerably strengthened than the previous one, and as the name "Takotububo Bakery · 80% increase", the difficulty degree is about 80% more image.

No. 8 VS turquoise bakery · 80% increase - YouTube

These are but I feel that the enhanced version of the hero mode of the stage, this is up to hero mode appeared many there was no gimmick. For example in the movie below is a challenge that included a gimmick called "8 balls". It is a challenge to roll eight ink balls to a ball and carry it to the destination.

Splatoon 2 "Octo-Expansion" 8 balls to appear - YouTube

In addition, there are various things such as a challenge which knocks out three-dimensionally assembled empty boxes according to a sample.

Splatoon 2 "Octo-Expansion" 3D Katanuki Challenge - YouTube

In addition, the challenge that players' skills are questioned. Alignment challenge to shoot 30 yellow balloons within the time limit. However, it is NG to destroy a red balloon with X, and because the time limit is more severe than I imagined, it was more difficult to clear than the "Challenge using Charger" that was in the past Hero mode It is an image.

Splatoon 2 "Octo-Expansion" Alignment Challenge - YouTube

In addition, the Gachihoko Battle of No. 8 VS Taco Zones and ... ...

Various challenges, such as a challenge to keep attacks from enemies for a certain period of time, stand still in front of the players. It is a feeling that player's comprehensive power is required because various techniques such as fundamental operation technique and hoco shot technique which can be cultivated only by a latch match are required.

If you fail the challenge ...

You can rechallenge by paying NAMACO points again.

If it still can not be cleared ......

It is possible for Idid to "hide" the network system and "make it clear" the challenge. However, NAMACO points are necessary for this as well.

Also note that in the challenge you decided to clear by Ida's hacking, the color of Neri memory will become thin.

◆ Characters that become more attractive at Octo · Expansion
As you clear the challenge with the Octo-Expansion, you will find new aspects of new characters and existing characters that did not appear in Splatoon so far.

In "chat log" which is released when some challenge is cleared ......

On a retro visual chat screen ......

You can read the chat log of two people of Tentacle's and Atari-s command. Majifurume of Atarime command to know well ......

Furthermore, when we find the second route ... ...

Mr. Gusoku appears. When you gather nelly memory, you will get a new gear from Mr. Gusok.

Also, passengers in the deep sea metro are fresh with just the characters that look like they can not be seen on the ground.

According to Mr. Gusoku, the customer base seems to change for each route.

You can see the scenery of strange passengers meeting in deepwater Metro even in the following movies.

Splatoon 2 "Okt · Expansion" Discovering Mysterious Puyo Puyo Creatures - YouTube

Furthermore, at the Octo-Expansion, the fire of the rapper of Atarime command lights ... ...

There is also a scene that the rape battle by the command VS vigor will spread.

Splatoon 2 "Otaku Expansion" Rap Battle Unfolded at YouTube

In addition, clearly the hidden talent of ATARIME command ... ....?

◆ Okt · Expansion purchase benefits
When you start the game after purchasing the Octo-Expansion, the parcel will arrive in the middle of the high-color square.

Among them are "Auctioneer's Studio octphone" and Fukugia's "Octogasane" as a purchase privilege. Even though it is a squid octopus T shirt ... ....

So, the download contents of Splatoon 2 "Octo-Expansion" is 1944 yen including taxPurchaseI can do it.

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